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Noisy 08-02-2012 19:47:47

Running Sheep
Level 7 and I'm stuck already. Anyone get me over this hurdle or know a walkthrough site?

Funko 09-02-2012 08:32:48

What is it?

Noisy 09-02-2012 11:17:58

Funko 09-02-2012 11:38:44

Looks cool!

Noisy 09-02-2012 12:00:29

It's all right - figured it out - click again to re-use turners. Not a great game.

Funko 09-02-2012 12:01:58

Won't install. :(

MDA 09-02-2012 12:04:27

You struck out with a sheep. Priceless.

Kenyon 20-02-2012 16:22:34

Well Noisy, I did not know about how can you get rid from it. I also stucked in level 7, if anyone know about cheat code, then please share with me, I 'll be thankful.

jsorense 23-02-2012 17:30:45

Welcome Kenyon! :beer:
Congratulations on your first post. It seems you have been lurking in the background for a while. Please tell us more about insurance in Texas, your children, accountants in Reading, goats and goatherds and the omnipresent Keith.
I know someone in Texas. Do you know her?

MDA 23-02-2012 19:20:13

he knows Lurker

zmama 24-02-2012 00:00:03

and goat curry!

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