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Oerdin 25-04-2011 11:40:11

I need some good calimari.
It seems ages since I had a nicely breaded and fried bit of squid.

Tizzy 25-04-2011 16:24:25

I have Captain Calamari!

zmama 25-04-2011 23:53:25

I see Lamaze...they teach you to give birth to squid?

Tizzy 26-04-2011 08:33:32

Gotta be prepared for anything....

Funko 26-04-2011 08:50:09

Wait... that is how you spell what people refer to as "la-mars"?!?!


zmama 26-04-2011 16:58:49

Only silly people

Funko 27-04-2011 07:47:41

I've only ever heard it on TV/Films. Amazing!

(pronounce the amazing in that post as amarsing)

MDA 27-04-2011 10:31:22


MOBIUS 11-06-2012 12:41:49

I had some lovely deep fried calamari at an Italian restaurant in Bristol yesterday.:beer:

zmama 13-06-2012 01:48:23


The Mad Monk 19-10-2012 16:57:15

The best calimari I've had is at Johnny Carino's, an otherwise unremarkable Italian restaurant chain. Only lightly battered, tender and full of flavor, with a nicely spicy marinara sauce accompaniment.

MDA 19-10-2012 21:13:53

and garnished with lark's vomit?

The Mad Monk 20-10-2012 17:46:17

The ranch dressing was subpar.

jsorense 20-09-2014 17:58:29

Good grilled squids in Spain. :)

zmama 26-09-2014 23:54:13


MOBIUS 13-10-2014 09:34:38

The salt and pepper squid at the Chinese restaurant on Friday rocked - and were probably laced with MSG! :beer:

MDA 16-10-2014 23:39:28

Maui Squid Garlic

zmama 17-10-2014 14:28:28

Send some of that salt and pepper squid, sounds tasty!

MOBIUS 26-11-2014 12:07:50

Or you can visit Cardiff :)

Oerdin 08-12-2014 23:10:51

Hey, I remember this thread!

jsorense 09-12-2014 10:31:54

They say the calimari is cheap in Belize.

MOBIUS 11-12-2014 13:18:58

I don't Belize you...

[/Mr_G Joke]

jsorense 16-01-2015 05:17:56

Wash them down with a cool cool Belikin. :beer:

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