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MDA 18-10-2010 16:52:23

Fallout 3: New Vegas
per Tau's request, new thread!

the Fallout 3 expansion (sequel?) is due out tomorrow in the US, Friday elsewhere.

Probably more buggy brilliant goodness, but it looks like they're adding in weapon modifications and implementing specialized ammunition. Me, I just look forward to a new region of post-nuclear wasteland to explore.

It sneaked up on me, so that's all I've got in terms of a preview.

Tau Ceti 20-10-2010 15:03:07

IGN review is up:

Final score 8.5, essentially calls it more of the same, both the good and the bad parts.

MDA 20-10-2010 16:03:05

hardcore mode: adds weight to ammunition, requires doctor bags or doctor's visit to fix crippled limbs, changes healing items to heal over time instead of instantly (still pretty fast) and implements food, hydration, and sleep requirements (those last three are silly easy to meet)

I kind of like it, I actually had to gimp around for a bit with blurred vision and a broken leg instead of just popping a couple of stimpacks to fix it.

The game still has stupid karma issues - like taking items lying around that belong to a dead person, even one you didn't kill, is still a negative. Minor, but you'd think they could have ironed it out sometime in the last couple of years. It's particularly bad because you can be at war with a faction on behalf of another faction, get a karma boost for killing them, then lose a little for looting their stuff. Fortunately karma is unimportant compared to faction standing anyhow.

Geckos are back! This is awesome. Yes, they can be skinned. They even seem to hang out near radioactive puddles of water.

MDA 21-10-2010 11:56:39

Cool, I've got a robot sidekick!

Fistandantilus 21-10-2010 12:22:40

Stealing from a dead man is still stealing :rolleyes:

That hardcore mode is interesting indeed.

MDA 21-10-2010 13:08:06

I guess the part I'd have trouble with, if I cared about my karma, is the bit where you can gain karma for killing bad guys and then lose some of it for taking their stuff. Stripping random corpses I can understand, it's pretty much the same thing as graverobbing. Karma doesn't appear to actually do much other than get reported back to you on your character screen, although I guess there could be hidden effects.

I've accumulated 5 doctor's bags and have them stashed in my robot. I don't think they're rare enough now. Might be fun to just not use them at all and crawl to the doctor when I'm crippled.

Tau Ceti 21-10-2010 14:53:15

How are the new companion controls working out? I normally preferred to work alone in Fallout 3, both for flexibility of movement and because I like to stay hidden and the companions were constantly barging into combat and blowing my cover. The new "Stay passive" order might fix the latter to some extent, but they still can't jump onto or off the tiniest ledge, right?

My copy has arrived. I expected not to be able to activate and play it before the release date, but it is worse - it actually refuses to let me install the files. And the manual does not have a list of the perks, which makes character planning a pain.

MDA 21-10-2010 15:59:38

My bot doesn't seem to fully understand "stay passive" and starts playing loud marital music every time it sees an enemy, often when I'm trying to use stealth to find a good spot to snipe from. Pathing hasn't been too bad, except for one time it decided to go through a town full of bad guys I walked around. I guess maybe it got stuck in terrain and didn't get loose until I was on the other side. I see enemies get stuck briefly from time to time, usually because it throws my aim off.

Its a subtle change, but the "use it-improve it" achievement-related perks are nice. After killing a bunch of bugs, I got an achievement and I now have a perk that lets me do a little more damage to bugs.

The new radial companion interfaceamajig is much faster than conversation trees. I do like that.

maroule 23-10-2010 11:40:57

just bought it on steam, will try it out tonight

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