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Beta1 25-08-2010 11:02:17

Got this off steam for 6.99.

Took some convincing to get it working

Enemy AI is a little shite and the guns feel a bit lightweight


Its bloody brilliant.

Graphic style is amazing, the voices are great and the sense of humour excellent.

And the adverts are right - it really does have a bazillion types of gun.

Snotty 25-08-2010 12:17:06

Great game! do whatever you can get to get someone to play co op with you. The loots better the more players in game, and its just so much more fun. I played all 3 DLC, and playthrough1,2 and 2.5 of the main game

DLC #4 comes out next month :D cant wait

What class are you playing?

Beta1 25-08-2010 14:35:10

Soldier - mostly because I understood what that meant. What does the phase shift thingy do on the female character?

Snotty 25-08-2010 19:33:20

The sirens phase ability as a number of skills that work in conjunction with it. The base ability allows her to become invisble for a few seconds.

My buddy and I played soldier/bruiser, scout/siren, and finally settled on soldier/siren. A very powerful, survivable combination. He could tell you much more about her skills but he primarily used her phase to break aggro, maneuver, heal, and cause acid damage when she became visible again.

I played the soldier, and re-specced constantly to suit a new weapon or playstyle.

Asher 07-09-2010 16:52:48

Was great for the first playthrough, felt little urge to play again, though.

Beta1 07-09-2010 19:10:46

zombie island of Dr Ned was good, found the General Knoxx one annoying due to the lack of fast travel points.

The writing in both is excellent.

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