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Squid Row 05-08-2010 14:09:26

No more squidding around!
Thanks to the wonderful and enlightened management of CG, I have mod powers and I'm not afraid to use them!:shoot:

All non cephalopods have been warned!

Greg W 05-08-2010 15:03:09

Bah, you're just gonna be like all mods. Power will go to your head and you'll abuse it. Edit to your heart's content, you can't handle the tooth!

Mr. Bas 05-08-2010 21:39:59

Indeed, Greg. You're probably starting out with good intentions, but I'm sure you'll turn out to be a nazi moderator just as bad as that bastard MikeH. Funkodrom. Whatever. :funko:

Squid Row 30-11-2010 16:26:13


Lurker 30-11-2010 16:43:17

Yes, freedom!

mr_B 30-11-2010 16:56:07


Dyl Ulenspiegel 30-11-2010 19:32:00


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