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Funko 05-04-2010 17:57:54

Counterglow Blood Bowl League - Season 2
Right, we've done a test technology demo and we're ready to start people signing up for the real league. Please read all of the instructions in here before you start.

1. Create a Team.

  1. Fire up a new single player Campaign or Championship, create a new team and buy players, and when done go to Quit > Export Team. This places a copy of the team in the following directory:

    XP: My Documents\BloodBowl\Saves\Teams
    Vista/Windows 7: Documents\BloodBowl\Saves\Teams

  2. You'll see a .db file with your team name. This is what you submit.
  3. Point your browser at From there, click the Counterglow Blood Bowl League.
  4. In the "Upload a Team File" box, click the "Browse" button and find the team file that you exported above. Enter the password HARDMAN
  5. Click "Upload File"
  6. If all goes well, the app will consume your file and redirect your browser to your Team Page. Your team is now joined to the league you have chosen.

Source (we're doing an 'offline league')

2. Download and install free Hamachi client

Once it has installed, create yourself a login and add yourself to the CGBBLeague network. Password HARDMAN. We'll play the games via Direct-IP and this just makes life a bit easier!

Funko 05-04-2010 18:04:00

How to play.

  • Agree a time to play, and which player will host the game.
  • Download your team from the online league and save it to your team directory. Overwrite any old version of the team, do not modify the file name!

    XP: My Documents\BloodBowl\Saves\Teams
    Vista/Windows 7: Documents\BloodBowl\Saves\Teams

  • At appointed game time, log into the counterglow network on Hamachi. Hopefully you'll see your opponent also logged in. There is a very basic chat facility on Hamachi but you are probably better using MSN or something.
  • Fire up Blood Bowl
  • Go to Multi-player then to LAN/Direct-IP games
  • Click the create/host game button
  • Select "Classic" rules and wait for your opponent to join you
Connecting Player
  • Make a note of your host's IP address from Hamachi (displayed next to their computer name)
  • Fire up Blood Bowl
  • Go to Multi-player then to LAN/Direct-IP games
  • Click "Connect to a remote game"
  • Enter the IP from Hamachi and connect
Both Players
  1. You should both now be able to see each other in the game. Pick your league team from the drop down in the top right and when you are ready click "Ready!" when both players are ready the host can launch the game.

After the Match

One player must upload the match report. Agree between you which will do it.
The file is uploaded to the main league page here:


Submitting Match Reports
Match Reports ARE NOT Replay files. I'll repeat that again later. Don't bother trying to upload a replay file, because the system will refuse it.

Immediately after playing a match, ONE (and only ONE) coach should submit the match report. It is important to submit this immediately, because the file that the game generates will get overwritten if you play another match. The file you must submit lives in the following location:

XP: My Documents\BloodBowl\MatchReport.sqlite
Vista/Windows 7: Documents\BloodBowl\MatchReport.sqlite

I'm probably going to wind up adding some kind of measure to prevent accidental multiple submissions, as this has already been a problem with those who were alpha testing the system. But for now, just be careful, as I don't have the countermeasure in place yet.

So one last time.... Match Reports ARE NOT Replay files.

Funko 05-04-2010 18:04:35

Managing Your Team

You need to manage your team in the online interface via blood bowl digita.

This includes buying journeymen to fill out your roster if you don't have 11 players able to take the field. You will not be able to download your team until you have filled out your roster.

You can also buy/sell players apothecaries cheerleaders etc. through this interface.

Funko 05-04-2010 18:05:16

Direct link to the league homepage:


        Current Teams          Race    Coach          Team Value
1        Clar Karond Ravens    Dark Elf Funko          1000
2        Karak-Drak Frostbeards Dwarf    king_ghidra    1000
3        X-Rats                Skaven  Fistandantilus 1000

Funko 05-04-2010 18:06:29

I think this was the rest of the line-up:

Tau Ceti - Lizzies
Beta - Goatboys
Illi - Wood Elves
Shakey - Humans?
New Phil - Goblins?

Fistandantilus 05-04-2010 22:29:41

For us dumb ones, we have to install some software to export our team right? :D

King_Ghidra 05-04-2010 22:35:31

only Blood Bowl :p

Read Part 1 again :cool:

Fistandantilus 05-04-2010 23:26:56

Oh, ok got it, I was blind. Will upload my team tomorrow

Fistandantilus 06-04-2010 06:57:43

Done :beer:

Funko 06-04-2010 07:46:36

Excellent. That's 3. Fist, I hope you have a lot of replacement X-Men for when those Rats die? :)

Fistandantilus 06-04-2010 08:08:21

:lol: yeah lucky enough there are many of them to choose from :p

King_Ghidra 06-04-2010 08:50:48

:D I think there are enough to run a snotling team, never mind skaven.

MOBIUS 06-04-2010 09:29:33

Will get on this tonight.

MOBIUS 06-04-2010 14:35:20

The team name is likely to be something like:

Kairdiff Krusaderz
Merthyr Mayhem
Rhondda Rebelz
Valleyz Vigilanteez


King_Ghidra 06-04-2010 16:01:50

you're taking inspiration from some kind of RnB night?

MDA 06-04-2010 17:42:18

substitute k for c, z for s, you can't lose! :p

MOBIUS 06-04-2010 20:07:38


Originally Posted by King_Ghidra (Post 1010909)
you're taking inspiration from some kind of RnB night?

I just figure that the general population of the Welsh Valleys look and act like Orcs anyway...:D

They do have a sense of humour though, there's a really good Fish and Chip shop up there called 'A Fish called Rhondda'...:D

Funko 07-04-2010 08:03:56

I suppose they have to.

Fistandantilus 08-04-2010 13:17:33

This is scheduled for a 2011 start right? :p

Funko 08-04-2010 13:22:11

Some people do seem to be waiting for the expansion!

Beta1 is away... not sure where MOBIUS and Friends, Tau Ceti or The Shaker are.

MOBIUS 08-04-2010 15:15:25

Just been/am a bit busy. Have the team basically sorted – just need to set it up and into the league, er, at some point…

Will remind the other guys, I think ‘New Phil’ is back now.

Funko 08-04-2010 15:25:10


MOBIUS 08-04-2010 15:56:26


Tau Ceti 08-04-2010 16:17:58

I should probably drop out.

My apartment will be barely inhabitable for the next couple of weeks due to bathroom reconstruction. I was thinking I might be able to drop by and play the league games occasionally in the evenings, but upon further review of the likely amount of dust and general nuisance, I should probably pack the computer away. It does not seem worth the hassle to start playing now.

Apologies, and I hope it does not create much trouble for you guys.

Fistandantilus 08-04-2010 17:11:40

Two weeks (or some more) is not like it's a long time to wait for me..

The Shaker 08-04-2010 17:46:25

Right...think i've joined the league and the wotsitdoodaathingy.

Tau Ceti 08-04-2010 19:16:01


Originally Posted by Fistandantilus (Post 1011034)
Two weeks (or some more) is not like it's a long time to wait for me..

The construction period is five weeks (starting next week). I will be living elsewhere for at least three weeks, but possibly the whole period. Since I don't know exactly at the moment, I don't want to keep people waiting.

Beta1 09-04-2010 16:46:04

right I'm back - sorting team now

Beta1 09-04-2010 18:32:41

do i want the managed or unmanaged hamachi thing?

King_Ghidra 09-04-2010 23:43:35


MOBIUS 12-04-2010 00:05:26

Da Inglourious Basterds will soon be making their appearance, except I set them up on multiplayer and I can't be arsed to set it up on single player again just now...:clueless:

Funko 12-04-2010 07:52:17

I thought I was going to be holding things up by being away. :)

Tau, maybe you can join in next season?

Tau Ceti 12-04-2010 09:51:48

Sure, I might well do that.

Funko 12-04-2010 10:51:40


Originally Posted by MOBIUS (Post 1011081)
Da Inglourious Basterds will soon be making their appearance, except I set them up on multiplayer and I can't be arsed to set it up on single player again just now...:clueless:

So, I think that means it's just you and the 2 n00bs holding things up?

MOBIUS 12-04-2010 22:48:49

Da Inglourious Basterds iz in da house!
One Orc team uploaded!

Chadd Orkosinko already reckons he'll be scoring more TDs than the rest of the league put together, in other words "Child Please"...:cool:

King_Ghidra 13-04-2010 09:14:19

now get your pals to get a move on

Funko 13-04-2010 09:24:11

I am going to struggle to find time to play a match until May 3rd.

Working every day until 23rd, and doing stuff most evenings then going to San Francisco. But I will make every effort to find a couple of hours one evening.

MOBIUS 13-04-2010 20:11:14

Right, Phil's PC needs reformatting and he hasn't got the time to rebuild it, so he's calling off for this season.

Illi is working through uploading as I type this now...

Funko 14-04-2010 07:43:35

Right, cool so that's everyone then? Great. I'll push the button.

Funko 14-04-2010 07:50:37

Right, go here to see the match schedule!

Unbelievably I'm starting with MOBIUS and finishing with K_G again! EDIT: that is unbelievable, I'm actually starting against Shakey. :D

round 1


X-Rats            -  the tree muggers       
beta's Blockers          -  Karak-Drak Frostbeards       
Clar Karond Ravens -  Raging Storms

Shakey, can you play on Sunday evening or monday evening? These are pretty much the only times I have available until after May bank holiday.

Fistandantilus 14-04-2010 08:01:44


Originally Posted by Funko (Post 1010858)
Post reserved for how to play games instructions


Beta1 14-04-2010 08:11:01

KG - any evening this week is good for me, or pretty much anytime friday.

Fistandantilus 14-04-2010 08:12:22

Thanks for the edit Funko :beer:

Funko 14-04-2010 08:13:36

:lol: I was writing them as you were posting that reply. :beer:

If anyone things those instructions need improving after playing, or if anything doesn't make sense let me know. Some of the options might not be called exactly what I've labelled them, I was writing it from memory.

King_Ghidra 14-04-2010 08:14:44

let's say tomorrow night then beta. 9pm?

Funko 14-04-2010 08:34:32

MOBIUS has a goblin!

Oh, and only one re-roll. I think he'll come to rue that quite badly.

illi 14-04-2010 10:11:11

Ok Fistand! busy this weekend, but up for a birching asap.

MOBIUS 14-04-2010 10:28:15


Originally Posted by Funko (Post 1011172)
MOBIUS has a goblin!

Oh, and only one re-roll. I think he'll come to rue that quite badly.

Yeah, I immediately realised I might have been a bit dumb there and wanted to change things around when I saw other people's teams - but then I remembered this:


And thought better of it...:lol:

MOBIUS 14-04-2010 10:29:46

I am also busy this weekend, coincidentally, but should be up for a game of Monday night football!

Beta1 14-04-2010 10:31:55


Originally Posted by King_Ghidra (Post 1011170)
let's say tomorrow night then beta. 9pm?

great - I'll look forward to getting my arse kicked, again...

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