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MDA 16-11-2009 12:02:38

This may also change my life

I am Miss Andre Polanski A Russian working with a CHEMICAL CO. We supply to the industries here in UK. A chemical used for the purification of rough diamonds and precious stones. This chemical is in high demand here in UK and I found it very cheap in Asia precisely Malaysia. it is manufactured in North Korea but because of the Export duties in North Korea and some product cannot be exported directly to UK that is why we buy from Agents, i need a middle person who can transact the business with me, the person will buy from the agent in Malaysia, and resale to my company at the quoted price.

if you are interested i will introduce you to my company as the agent dealing on this chemical in Asia, you will buy from the agent and resale to my company. my company will be sending our representative to Asia to purchase this chemical and i don't want them to go directly to the agent because of the price which i have quoted to them for this will cause a conflict of interest and i stand the risk of losing my job that is the more reason i need a middle person in this transaction (the person am supposed to use as middle man is not buoyant).

This business is in this dimension as you will not take my company representative to the main distributor to avoid direct transaction from the source, since this is where we will be making our profits, thereafter share the profits after mapping out the money input costs. I don't know if we can make this together as this is a long term and continuous business, if this is acceptable by you get back to me ASAP. This is a personal deal between you and I, and i hope we make our partnership/friendship/ relationship indelible.

Yours Faithfully

Miss Andre Polanski.

King_Ghidra 16-11-2009 12:04:03

Andre is a lovely name for a girl.

MDA 16-11-2009 12:11:50

I know an Andree but she's about 90, and from France, not Russia.

King_Ghidra 16-11-2009 12:36:08

That's a good story.

mr_B 16-11-2009 12:40:09


Originally Posted by King_Ghidra (Post 1002458)
Andre is a lovely name for a girl.

Andre the giant!!!!

King_Ghidra 16-11-2009 13:31:44

Call me fussy, but that's not my kind of girl.

Greg W 16-11-2009 15:07:33

Ok, Fussy...

Provost Harrison 17-11-2009 02:00:19

The other middleman is not buoyant? What, did they have to swim to get the stuff or something?

And I do like businesses that are in this dimension. Interdimensional commerce is so difficult given our state of technological advancement...

King_Ghidra 17-11-2009 10:24:43

Plus the exchange rates are a bitch.

Drekkus 17-11-2009 12:24:47

You're not so bouyant, are you

MDA 17-11-2009 12:40:22

I guess they're testing the middle man to make sure he's not a witch?

Cheshire Cat 17-11-2009 12:45:10

In such case:

not buoyant = good
buoyant = devil


Drekkus 17-11-2009 14:21:32


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