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Funko 28-09-2009 15:16:20

What is your boss like at your job?
Or are you the boss?

MOBIUS 28-09-2009 15:16:47

He could be better.

Funko 28-09-2009 15:19:31

So you are the boss?

Tizzy 28-09-2009 15:20:50

We now have a "General To Do" list in our department with just one entry:

Find New Boss

MOBIUS 28-09-2009 15:21:51


Originally Posted by Funko (Post 999741)
So you are the boss?

Yes and no.

Japher 28-09-2009 17:12:19

I have great bosses, more like associates. While they do write the checks they are not micromanager, are not overbearing, give you ample time to do work, are forgiving of errors, great teachers and mentors, and all around model citizens. I like working here.

I bet they have really bad alter ego's... like I bet they are liberals or even worse; Democratic Underground mods or something

Funko 29-09-2009 08:28:07

Socialism FTW.

Drekkus 29-09-2009 08:49:00

She loves me

Oerdin 29-09-2009 09:58:56

Pretty good but stingy with the raises.

Cheshire Cat 29-09-2009 14:48:27

sting-raise can kill you

Venom 29-09-2009 14:52:27

1 new
1 completely terrible

Caligastia 29-09-2009 18:58:06

Mostly ok, but a major douche at times.

Beta1 29-09-2009 19:20:16

My boss is not as good at my job as I am at her job.

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