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mr_B 04-08-2009 23:15:13

MrG can't sleep
too much musquitos

protein 04-08-2009 23:32:31

have some vodka and watch martial arts on tv.

that's what i do at night.

protein 04-08-2009 23:34:38

if i'm not out drinking vodka with the band.

JM^3 05-08-2009 00:07:30

you have mosquitos in your house?


protein 05-08-2009 00:15:24

who, me or the dutch dwarf?

JM^3 05-08-2009 00:44:40

the dvergr


JM^3 05-08-2009 00:47:11

I vastly prefer whiskey to vodka, for drinking (vodka mixes better though).

Recently I have been drinking wine and beer, as I think that those drinks are easier on the system.

Do you do shots, or just sip the vodka? Also, is it martial arts fights like UMDA or like movies?


Cheshire Cat 05-08-2009 10:42:49


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