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JM^3 30-07-2009 16:01:27

MrG will do the next one
It will be an underwater Apartment Complex


Funko 30-07-2009 16:08:39

That's cool. I'll have one for my secret base.

Japher 30-07-2009 16:49:44

Sausalito has floating home communities. Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

Oerdin 30-07-2009 21:10:25

A nice idea but they don't even have yards. :(

Funko 31-07-2009 07:42:30

They've got that shared garden thing in the middle, most apartments don't have their own garden. (only some ground floor ones)

mr_B 03-08-2009 09:15:06


I know tge guy, he did some research in Montreal i guess.
looks very laaik habitat67

Dyl Ulenspiegel 03-08-2009 18:44:50

That's what you get by morphing habitat67 into a greek village.

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