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Japher 11-06-2009 13:53:27

How to Make A Lot of Money
Do something a lot better than everyone else and charge a lot of money for you to do it for other people.


Win Lottery


Kiss a lot of butt... I mean, a lot of butt

it's that simple!!

This is what I am learning in my MBA program.

JM^3 11-06-2009 13:55:26

Or teach others how to make lots of money!


Japher 11-06-2009 13:56:55

No... I just told you how, for free!

Crap... Pay me money.

Venom 11-06-2009 13:58:28

Sucking cock made your mom rich.

Japher 11-06-2009 14:01:17

see factoid #1

protein 11-06-2009 14:03:09

i'm working on number one.

Japher 11-06-2009 14:04:41

#2 is a lot easier...

Scabrous Birdseed 11-06-2009 15:16:51

How do you make a lot of monkey?

Tizzy 11-06-2009 15:19:12

First, get two bananas

Dyl Ulenspiegel 11-06-2009 15:23:21

Or two mba students

Japher 11-06-2009 15:40:20

Oerdin 11-06-2009 16:05:51

1. Steal underpants
2. ...

Oerdin 11-06-2009 16:06:55


Originally Posted by Japher (Post 993737)

So true... So true.

Japher 11-06-2009 17:18:55

You should see some of the people in my class. It makes me cringe to think what Venom would do to such douche bags.

Funko 12-06-2009 08:18:36

Eat them whole.

Funko 12-06-2009 08:20:30

4. Get a bunch of douchebags to pay a fortune for you to teach them business bullshit claiming it'll make them rich.

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