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mr_B 11-06-2009 12:31:17

literal music

brilliantly brilliant

Oerdin 11-06-2009 12:39:30

mr_B 11-06-2009 12:47:54


mr_B 11-06-2009 13:25:47

protein 11-06-2009 13:52:51

this is the best one

mr_B 12-06-2009 07:57:59

great one thanks

Scabrous Birdseed 13-06-2009 23:14:38

I laughed at this one:

techietone 14-06-2009 04:36:11

yeah thats was my fav too killed me about the suprised looking one at the end

mr_B 14-06-2009 09:56:00


protein 14-06-2009 10:37:26

that's great!

i just realised, the cure used the same location for their brilliant and unintentionally funny video for 'charlotte sometimes'.

Provost Harrison 14-06-2009 17:01:41

You know, the Turkish authorities, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to ban YouTube so I can't see anything that is going on here. So instead, I will just praise Atatürk instead...

Lazarus and the Gimp 14-06-2009 18:35:15

You're going to love this "Birdhouse in your soul" one.

mr_B 14-06-2009 19:27:47


techietone 15-06-2009 09:40:43

Excellent one

MDA 15-06-2009 11:36:23

got busted by a coworker who saw what he described as a "shit eating grin", and came in to see what I was doing

was probably disappointed it wasn't porn

mr_B 15-06-2009 11:55:35

okok MDA the man known as the one with the "shit eating grin"

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