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protein 21-02-2009 20:48:47

the best free game evah! evah!
kind of a gravity/physics strategy game involving vikings and ice. it's ace. :beer:

Scud Wallaby 22-02-2009 20:43:34

I love this game. Only had time for 4 levels but I'll go back.


Funko 23-02-2009 09:29:04

Yep, brilliant. :beer:

MoSe 24-02-2009 12:52:19

the flash intro keeps on flashing in loop, I can't get to the Play button....
tested other game links in the same site and they don't have that problem

Oerdin 24-02-2009 13:08:16

Having trouble with level 20.

Funko 24-02-2009 13:43:44

If you cut the pendulum in half the bits fly off under their own power, powered along the cut edge. Aim them.

Lurker the Second 24-02-2009 13:45:05

Is it possible to make the game screen larger? Scrolling is a pain.

Venom 24-02-2009 15:20:52

The 640x480 resolution on your grandpa george monitor is likely the cause of that.

Lurker 24-02-2009 15:35:51

Its my laptop, so it's only a year old or so. I don't even know what I have the resolution set at.

MoSe 24-02-2009 15:48:53

you're not resolute enough, and you have a very young grandpa

Scabrous Birdseed 18-03-2009 23:41:57

There's a sequel/expansion out:

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