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Funkodrom 11-02-2009 10:30:01

Free Game of the Week: The Space Game
The Casual Collective have released their latest online game. The Space Game. It's a single player strategy game where you have to build structures in space, mine rocks and defend your base from pirates.

Quite a lot of fun!

Lurker the Second 11-02-2009 13:08:17

Why anyone would waste time playing a space game is beyond me.

Funko 11-02-2009 13:23:52

So you are enjoying it?

MoSe 11-02-2009 13:26:44

do you advise starting with the just Speed Mining bonus mission first?

Funko 11-02-2009 13:29:56

I did a few of the missions then tried some of the other modes.

Fistandantilus 11-02-2009 13:33:01

Can't get past mission 6. At some point there are no more mother ships coming and i have no clue what to do :(

Funko 11-02-2009 13:38:34

That sounds like a bug. :(

Funko 11-02-2009 13:44:38

I just did that mission again fine.

Fistandantilus 11-02-2009 13:45:12

How many waves are there?

Funko 11-02-2009 13:52:39


Oerdin 11-02-2009 14:04:54

Interesting game.

Funko 11-02-2009 15:06:55

Last mission is very hard.

Suggestion for people with problems in missions is to reload the whole game rather than just restart the mission...

Fistandantilus 11-02-2009 15:16:32


Originally posted by Funko
I get

5 motherships detected
5 motherships detected
5 motherships detected
5 motherships detected
5 motherships detected
10 motherships detected ?????

After that I'm left waiting forever...

Funko 11-02-2009 15:22:58

I don't get 10 motherships detected!

Fistandantilus 11-02-2009 15:25:06

Ok, made it.

Apparently if you take too long to kill the first waves a sixth one arrives and from then on you're screwed even if you kill them all.

Guess using repair stations was wrong :p

Funko 11-02-2009 15:26:07


MoSe 11-02-2009 16:50:20

still practising on the speed mining (only short playing windows between work, or I get scolded by the boss)

interesting fact:
a basic miner costs 45m to build, and mines 8m per minute, basic consumption 1 energy
you can now:
1. build two more
2. upgrade the one you have

1. spend 90m, mine 240mpm use 3e (total health 900 in case of attack)
2. spend 100m, mine 200mpm use 1e, health 500

so, they say in general is better to upgrade structure rather than build many basic ones.

in this case tho, it looks that spending 10% less minerals you mine 20% more and they're 80% harder to destroy, at the cost of a triple energy consumption

for energy stations it's different

building one new costs the same as one upgrade step
basic: 30% production 4e storage (H600)
Lev2: 70% prod 9e storage (H800)
2 basics: 60% prod 8e storage (H1200)

as claimed, when needed it's better to upgrade the first station

at first sight, what you spare by adding two more miners instead of upgrading your first one, is offset by what you need to spend to upgrade the station to meet the extra energy requirements of the 3

I'm trying to figure whether one station is enough to feed 3 miners without reducing their productivity because of energy shortage

MoSe 11-02-2009 17:08:31

efficiency test on stations

basic (30% eff) produces ~100 energy in one minute
Lev2 (70% eff) produces ~240 epm

damn, I dried up the asteroid so the miners stopped consuming energy before the experiment was over

have to redo it all

Funko 11-02-2009 17:13:47


Funko 11-02-2009 17:14:10

I hadn't even realised you could upgrade the miners. :o

Fistandantilus 11-02-2009 17:22:33

I did, in the last mission.. :o

Funko 11-02-2009 17:29:56

I think it might make the last mission more possible.

MoSe 11-02-2009 17:35:38



basic 101epm
Lev2 235epm
Lev3 336epm

100% = 336epm
10% = 33.6epm
all fits

miners consume their nominal energy every 3 seconds
so a basic miner doing 80mpm, actually beams up minerals in bursts of 4m every 3 seconds consuming 20epm
an upgraded miner beams 10m every 3 seconds, making it 200 mpm at the same 20epm.

In theory a basic station copuld power 5 basic miners
The problem is that they might "flash" all at the same time, requiring 5e simultaneoulsy, while the basic station only stores 4

this causes delays in the operativity of more than 3 miners connected at the same stations reducing a bit their overall productivity

probably the best bid for the quickest startup, is thus to build 3 miners, then upgrade them, then upgrade the station before building more

of course, if you have only one station, the miners stop to get power while you upgrade it.
so it could be even better to build a second station before begginning to upgrade them, in order to always have at least one up

OTOH, reconsidering it all, 5 not optimally powered basic miners could still be better than 3 having energy available at any moment while the station wastes its excess as it can't stor it.

will have to run comparative tests

MoSe 11-02-2009 17:54:09

one last catch:

as astros dry up you could avoid destroying stations to relocate them, as you can extend the reach of the existing ones using relays

but once the astros in range of a miner dry up, you have to recycle it and build a new one near a fresh asteroid

- you get back the full minerals spent to build a basic structure
- you only get back half of the extra m spent in upgrades

basic miner: spend 45, get back 45
upgr. miner: spend 145, get back 95 (lose 50)

as I said you don't need to recycle stations, but just in case

basic: spend 200, recycle 200
Lev2: spend 400, recycle 300, lose 100
Lev3: spend 600, recycle 400, lose 200

and Energy Stores
basic: spend 300, recycle 300
Lev2: spend 800, recycle ZERO, lose 800 (!)

so, upgrading a miner allows you to sap minerals quicker without running short of energy.
this can give you a head start expanding, but could cost you a bit in the long term should you need to relocate miners

Fistandantilus 12-02-2009 09:35:05


Originally posted by Funko
I think it might make the last mission more possible.
I wouldn't know I'm getting slaughtered.

MoSe 12-02-2009 12:47:43

SM (speed mining) startup tests

building a miner takes more energy than operating it

pause, place 4 miners
they come up after
10-16-23-30 seconds, 68m stored

place 4 miners one by one (wait till one is up before pausing and placing the next)
5-12-20-30 seconds, 76m stored

you only gain 8m for the slightly earlier operativity of the first 3

Provost Harrison 12-02-2009 13:10:38

It looks like this thread has descended into numerical gibberish :(

Funko 12-02-2009 13:31:53

Last mission I can survive until there are 3 minutes to go. That massive wave of yellow disk things at about 12 minutes is totally devastating.

MoSe 12-02-2009 13:35:02


Originally posted by Provost Harrison
It looks like this thread has descended into numerical gibberish :(
well, I'm anal, I enjoy analyzing over doing

If that annoys you so much, OK, I'll keep the tables for myself

thanks funko for pointing out the game

Funko 12-02-2009 13:52:34

20 seconds. GAH!

Funko 12-02-2009 13:52:57

No, your updates are useful MoSe.

Fistandantilus 12-02-2009 14:10:05


Originally posted by Funko
Last mission I can survive until there are 3 minutes to go. That massive wave of yellow disk things at about 12 minutes is totally devastating.
Yeah, that's what kills me, haven't had much time to play though.

I'm going with a ~1000 minerals per minute setup, maybe I should try more? Problem is I end up depleting asteroids and expanding messes up with defensive placement...

Funko 12-02-2009 14:20:38

Done! Woo. :beer:

Funko 12-02-2009 14:27:50

I was getting ~ 3500 minerals per minute in the early game.

I think the secret is continued expansion, keeping your energy generators spread out, mix up your defensive structures.

Kind of like in WCIII, expand to a new area, build up a new base there.

Turtling gets you killed on that mission, when I succeeded I think I'd mined virtually every bit of every asteroid in the system.

Oerdin 14-02-2009 02:17:37

I haven't really spent a lot of time on this only played a few times but the third mission seems A LOT harder then the second mission.

Edit: I just replayed the third round and it was surprisingly easy once you upgrade your miners.

Oerdin 14-02-2009 05:18:04

Mission 6 is fucking hard.

Oerdin 15-02-2009 01:26:02

Now on mission 9 the final mission.

MDA 17-02-2009 16:10:07

I got 6 once I built a certain structure I didn't think there would be much use for.

Nine is just plain hard.

I can't seem to recover/reset my password for that site, which I guess is only a minor inconvenience.

Funko 20-02-2009 15:17:36

This game really is disappointing in its longevity.

JM^3 25-02-2009 07:50:01

Got to 9 with on yl aproblem with taht super mothership attack.


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