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mr_B 24-11-2008 16:52:35

it's great

Ann you are not supposed to read this.

MDA 25-11-2008 13:09:55

there's a whole section of their FAQ about what to do when someone decides to attack you all day long, which leads me to belive this happens often :lol:

Reminds me of astronest and that other gangster-ish one (which you might have liked, because it had hotdogstands)

MoSe 25-11-2008 17:45:19

IIRC I posted a thread here about travian

I spent 3 months in summer 2007 sleeping 2 hours per night, getting at work at 7am and leaving at 9pm or later because I had a better connection at work.

I had 2 accounts on one italian server and another 2 on a second one, which is disallowed by their rules, because I wanted to try out all the 3 tribes and strategies.
I didn't exploit, make them cooperate or otherwis take advantage freom the multiple logins (I had even created 4 different hotmail accounts...)

If you visit the italian travian forum you'll see a LOT of technical posts by someone MoSe in that time.
I even managed to make the REWRITE the basic rules which were ambiguous about "postponed trades"....

I could manage that because at work we had few months without new orders coming in.
I got to 3 villages both with Romans and Teutons.
I ended to team up with a guy who was forced to change his userID because it was an overt tribute to Mussolini
despite that, he was a good guy and a loyal player.

when suddenly work took off again at full steam, I decided to quit abruptly, or I'd have lost my sanity

If you want, I had rearranged a lot of worksheet and tables about optimal production queues...


was was

PS: if you manage to send away your troops on a mission so that they get back just in time when you can be back online, and build deposits to keep your resources safe from incursions, you can manage to go on pretty fine even with just a little playing time.

Until you stir a hornets nest, and they gang up on you catching your troops the *second* they get back at home before you can react, and/or they develop catapults and begin to tear down all your buildings

MoSe 25-11-2008 17:54:10


Quote: will start on the 28th of November as a Travian Version 3.1.

Preregistration will be possible from the 26th of November.

IIRC, if you are already playing you're forbidden to manage someone else's account, except for temporarily subbing with limited powers.

But it was legal to share a SINGLE ACCOUNT between several people, who could take turns to cover all shifts around the clock and be always online.
Provided none of them had a separate personal account too.

Should we get here enough interest from CGers covering most timezones, this could be feasible and not too taxing on each teammate...


Europe, Eastcoast, Westcoast, Oz....

mr_B 25-11-2008 22:55:23

I meant travians

MoSe 26-11-2008 10:22:46

was it really just a typo that you edited, or you changed your mind to make me look off-road?

MoSe 26-11-2008 10:24:20

LOL, a social game inspired by Travian, taking place between individual villagers inside a Travian village, and your score is based on...

ELO Rating!


OldWarrior_42 31-12-2008 18:16:27

I've actually started playing The game since the end of November. It's pretty cool. Very slow paced for old fucks like me. And it reminds me very much of Age of Empires games, only sort of turn based instead of rts.

I'm having a blast with it.

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