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Lazarus and the Gimp 23-11-2008 15:31:07

Fallout 3 is the buggiest game I've ever bought
Issues so far-

1- Crashes like a bastard.

2- Prone to graphics breakthrough and flicker even after updating drivers.

3- Some side quests appear to be impossible to complete due to "Speak to...." tasks failing to trigger the necessary dialogue paths.

4- Disappearing/suicidal NPCs bugger up the plot.

Not impressed. Needs patching, badly.

MattHiggs 23-11-2008 16:24:21

I got it on the 360 a few weeks ago. Brilliant game and I didn't come across any bugs/glitches - I assume you're playing the PC version.

Lazarus and the Gimp 23-11-2008 17:12:51

Yep- I have no consoles.

Beta1 23-11-2008 17:34:14

Bad luck - only bug I have is that it often crashes when you exit the game.

Lazarus and the Gimp 23-11-2008 18:47:54

You mean you haven't even lost Walter from the water processing plant yet?

MattHiggs 23-11-2008 19:12:50


Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
Yep- I have no consoles.
I was never in to console gaming until I got a 360 two years ago and I haven't looked back. The only advantage of PC gaming is the mouse/keyboard control combination but once you get used to a controller - console gaming just seems so much more 'right'.

I've never but so many games, in the last two weeks I've got: Farcry 2, Fallout 3, Dead Space, Call of Duty World at War and I still want a few more like Fable 2, GoW2 and Guitar Hero World Party (I'm still yet to play GH but I played the demo last night and there was something uneasily satisfying about singing along to Bon Jovi!)

lightblue 23-11-2008 19:13:42


Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
You mean you haven't even lost Walter from the water processing plant yet?
Isn't he only there between 8am and 8pm anyway?

MDA 24-11-2008 13:53:37

I've had about half a dozen crashes in many many hours of play. One forced a reboot. Crashing hasn't risen to the level of irritation.

Walter pissed me off. I was carrying about 30 pieces of scrap metal to sell him when I figured out he'd gone missing. The bartender went off the reservation at about the same time, but I hacked his computer to get what I needed.

I've crashed on exit a few times as well.

I've run into some odd dialogue, but nothing appears to be broken. Sometimes the NPCs seem to assume I know more than I do about a quest, though.

Lazarus and the Gimp 24-11-2008 19:46:32


Originally posted by lightblue
Isn't he only there between 8am and 8pm anyway?


Until he falls off a walkway, gets stuck behind a building, or just plain vanishes.

Greg W 25-11-2008 00:32:23


Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
Issues so far-

1- Crashes like a bastard.

Must be your PC. :nervous:

MOBIUS 25-11-2008 11:33:21

Time for some DIY!:)

MDA 25-11-2008 12:56:37

I did see one of the Raven's mercenaries in a running battle alone with a super mutant master. He lost that battle, which was somewhat interesting/unfortunate.

I've heard that the traveling merchants don't get weapon upgrades, so that later in the game, when more dangerous critters and raiders are spawned, the traders get squished. I haven't found any great stuff to buy from them anyway, but it was dumb to not improve their ability to defend themselves. They caught so much hell for scaling stuff in Oblivion that I think they were reluctant to do so in Fallout (they do scale enemies, just not in exactly the same way or to the same degree).

Lazarus and the Gimp 25-11-2008 17:48:18

Oh yes. I notice that in the walkthrough I read, it says that when you first meet a Super Mutant Behemoth, you need to team up to kill it as you won't stand a chance on your own.

Which was bollocks. I simply stepped back into the doorway, which the big geek was too big to fit through then quietly watched him charge around throwing a big girly tantrum, occasionally lobbing out mines for him to walk over like the badly-coded AI design he was.

AI = very suspect. OK, this is a big game with lots of "Ooooooo, nice" moments, but it's massively flawed.

MDA 25-11-2008 19:20:02


Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
OK, this is a big game with lots of "Ooooooo, nice" moments, but it's massively flawed.
That quote perfectly describes their Elder Scrolls games too. They all had something in them that made you cringe. Great vision, hit and miss product.

I've noticed the pathing thing with behemoths, it takes all the shock and awe out of them. I saw a robot get stuck once too. Hopefully they'll fix things like that in a patch.

They just announced an editor and downloadable content will be released over the next few months, and I've heard sales are already high (some of the DLC sounds pretty bad). Makes me worry some accountant high up will decide they don't need to patch, because if it sells well, then it ain't broke.

protein 09-12-2008 20:49:30

awful game. i gave it away. i can talk to people in real life, why on earth would i want to have painfully slow and boring conversations with computer generated dick heads? that's not a game, that's torture!

JM^3 09-12-2008 20:54:56

It looks cool, but it keeps crashing on me.


JM^3 09-12-2008 20:55:35


Originally posted by protein
awful game. i gave it away. i can talk to people in real life, why on earth would i want to have painfully slow and boring conversations with computer generated dick heads? that's not a game, that's torture!
Real life isn't as exciting, we play games like FallOut for the escapism.


protein 09-12-2008 21:07:37

i play games for escapism too. but i talk to people all the time. why would i want to spend hours talking to a computer? i played it for about three hours and there was no action at all. except i killed a slug type thing.

real life is way more exciting than this game!

JM^3 09-12-2008 21:11:36

I haven't been able to escape yet...


protein 09-12-2008 21:14:14

the game for me went like this:

amazing intro
leave underground place (thank god for that, no more pointless talking!)
pick up ammo
enter new place

give game to friend.

self biased 10-12-2008 01:31:59

JM^3 10-12-2008 04:45:11

BTW, because I kept having problems last night (I didn't have Net 3.0 installed, I do now, maybe that was it) and won't be able to play tonight, a quick rundown on my game:

My stats are
Str 2
Per 9
End 2
Cha 9
Int 2
Agi 7
Lck 9

I am trying to play a bit like a spoiled, manipulative girl, but one who is still naturally kind. I intend to play her as someone who flirts with everyone (male and female). I discovered that the verse starts to have something behind it, but it requires a lock pick of 50 which I didn't have.

I filled out the GOAT and they told me I should be a waste management specialist! That is apparently explosives, speach, and something else? Anyways, instead I picked speach, lockpicking, and energy weapons.

I was worried about my freind, so I gave her back the pistol that she was offering me. Then I sneaked by the first guard, and the Tunnel Snake guy found me hiding in the men's bathroom. I inspired him to go help his mom, which he did, and he gave me his tunnel snake jacket!

Up stairs I ran into a guard, and shot him with my BB gun a bit, but he hit me! and so I ran away and he got killed by some radroaches.

I was looking for something to use to help my freind, but then she shot the officer who was beating her and ran to where I was and returned to me the gun. Then I went down the secret tunnel and the game crashed and I called it a night.


Lazarus and the Gimp 10-12-2008 06:39:20

Start again. With an INT rating that low, each level-up will get you hardly any points to allocate.

JM^3 10-12-2008 06:47:26

That is the point. I wish I could be a complete retard like in 1 & 2.


MDA 10-12-2008 15:38:45

protein: its more interactive than reading a book, less than talking to people in real life

based on what you're saying, no computer RPG (except possibly the multiplayer stuff) would have any appeal to you

The intelligence stat is really irritating. I could see not adding points to it, but taking points away seems crippling. Maybe trying it on a second play-through would work, but I don't think it would be easy. Wish they'd found a better way to balance that.

protein 10-12-2008 16:36:27

i guess not. i kind of get the feeling i should be doing something more constructive when playing that sort of game.

i like gta4 and spore though. there's interaction in those.

Lazarus and the Gimp 10-12-2008 17:37:09

I started with an INT of 10, and just used the "Intensive Training" perk to crank up the others.

JM^3 10-12-2008 17:53:19

Fugue should post, he has like the opposite of me (well, we both have agility and charisma up, and we both have endurance down).


Beta1 11-12-2008 17:44:52

I've hunted down most of the bobbleheads now - my stats are bonkers. I've maxed out several skills very early due to the +10 bonuses.

MDA 11-12-2008 18:09:45

I won't spoil the ending for you, but there's a huge plot hole that's pretty noticeable if you have the right sidekick along (actually, if you've just talked to him, you'll probably recall something he said). This went beyond something I'd simply criticize to being something I'm actually mad about. Careless.

Centara Fugue 12-12-2008 05:23:39

Str 7
Per 1
End 1
Cha 10
Int 10
Agi 10
Lck 1

I haven't really seen any crashing yet, unless you count not handling alt-tab at all.

For skills I went up in light weapons, science, and repair (kinda wish I'd gone up in speech instead of science). I booked it out of Vault 101 as soon as the shit hit the fan (gave that gang dude my BB gun to help his mom but didn't stick around to see what happened - refrained from killing the overseer and didn't give away my real gun to the girl). I got kinda bloodthirsty once all the guards started shooting at me (I shot back, and took all their stuff). I spent a long while in Megaton trying to work out where everything was (still at a loss there - I kinda wander around until I see the thing I'm looking for) - fixed the pipes, told dude who wanted to blow up the town to get lost. I'm just starting to do some of the outside quests.

One thing I noticed is how enemies (at least the ones I have seen) will just run directly at you in a straight line. My strategy has been to wait till the enemy is just a few feet away, mid-lunge, and hit VATS, click the head multiple times, then let-er-rip. Seems to work well at point-blank range (not sure what my accuracy is like with VATS far away, or just from the hip for that matter). I've been using the pistol but just before I stopped playing the other night I got a hunting rifle, which I'm looking forward to trying. I got online and was excited to see all the weapons encompassed by the designation Light Arms.

MDA 12-12-2008 12:07:29

The hunting rifle is one of my favorites. Fairly common ammo and other rifles around to repair it with.

Lazarus and the Gimp 12-12-2008 18:01:40

Once you get the Alien blaster, nothing really poses much of a threat any more.

Lazarus and the Gimp 12-12-2008 18:07:51

Given the fact that I'm playing a sneaky character, I'm finding the combination of silenced 10mm and combat shotgun to be a winner. Very few things stand up to a couple of shotgun rounds to the back of the head at close range.

MDA 12-12-2008 19:17:04

yeah, the combat shotgun is a lifesaver, especially with mirelurks and deathclaws

anything at point-blank range

I have yet to use the flamethrower for that ,but I'd expect similar results

Resource Consumer 12-12-2008 19:24:25


Originally posted by protein
awful game. i gave it away. i can talk to people in real life, why on earth would i want to have painfully slow and boring conversations with computer generated dick heads? that's not a game, that's torture!
I can't talk to people in real life - that's why I post here and Poly

Beta1 13-12-2008 10:01:19

Laser rifle is pretty cool, , scoped .44 is also good. I've started getting very flash in combat. Favourite trick is to shoot a supermuts gun out of his hands, then let dogmeat chew him to death.

Also the pickpocketing a live grenade into someones pocket trick is always amusing...

MDA 16-12-2008 14:32:49

ok, the grenade trick I like even better than tipping brahmin, I had forgotten you could do that in the earlier games.

I followed an NPC I completed a quest for yesterday all over the DC metro, and when he finally exited, and the jackass just disappeared. I know he was up to something, because I'd collected a bunch of keys for him. I reloaded, shot him in the head and took the keys back. Maybe I'll stumble on where they're used later. Maybe I wasn't supposed to follow him, but if that's the case, have him disappear on leaving the first area, not after I've followed him all over downtown.

The early game can be really hard depending on how you build your character, but other than taking next to no intelligence so you have not skill points to spend, I can't see a way to fail once you're level 20. You could even make up for a low int by hunting down books and taking perks that buff skills or the skill you get from reading books.

Beta1 16-12-2008 15:57:23

1 Attachment(s)
Was that the ghoul from underworld? If so I know where that key goes to....

BTW check this out.

I got the lot!

Lazarus and the Gimp 16-12-2008 19:51:30

That's bordering on obsessive.

MDA 17-12-2008 14:48:27

but... it looks awesome

Beta1 17-12-2008 17:27:08

Actually enjoyed that more than the main quest...

Saw some pretty unusual places that you never usually go near as well

Fallout 3 tourist guide places to see:

Little lamplight - in the main quest but such a suprise.
The Oasis - Definitely worth finding
Girdershade - just for the metaphores
The Satcom arrays - play around with the computers
Ten-penny tower - now a ghoul town in my game
Paradise Falls - for some righteous arse kicking.
The Republic of Dave - I prefered it when it was the Monarchy of Bob
Agatha's House - for when you can't get enough of voilin music
Rockopolis - cos its not on the map
The Lincoln memorial (hell any of the big washington lamndmarks)
Arlington Cemetary - and check out the extra radio station.

Still havnt been to vault-tec, nagatomi plaza (I think thats right) or the nuka-cola plant...

Fistandantilus 17-12-2008 18:30:34


Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
That's bordering on obsessive.
I'm working on it too.

And besides, what really was obsessive was getting all the bottle caps in Resident Evil 4 which meant playing a freaking target practice game for hours. I lost my mental sanity that way.

Funko 18-12-2008 09:10:17


Originally posted by Beta1
The Republic of Dave - I prefered it when it was the Monarchy of Bob
Fallout programmers are CGers?

Bob 18-12-2008 09:42:44

I rule

Funko 18-12-2008 10:01:53


Bob 18-12-2008 10:31:57

ave sux

MDA 18-12-2008 15:31:07

There's a surprise in the nuka-cola plant. I liked it.

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