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Lurker the Second 01-07-2008 16:23:36

Free Game of the Week - Protector
Hope this one hasn't been done before. IF so, I missed it.


There's fair bit of strategy in this. I had a lot of trouble with the first medium map I did, but worked it out. Still working through the medium maps.

Funko 02-07-2008 09:28:51

This is good. Like a cross between one of the tower defence games and Bowmaster.

Lurker the Second 02-07-2008 15:28:06

Yeah. I wish each map let you look at the roster of enemies before you choose to play the map. It's a pain to have to reset your skills after you choose a map and find out your current skill selections are inefficient. I'm still having fun with this.

Kitsuki 02-07-2008 16:03:15

Ignore me, misread what you wrote Lurker.

Fun game, though I wish you could speed the waves up a little bit.

Funko 02-07-2008 16:09:59

Yeah, it's really missing a fast forward button.

Funko 07-07-2008 15:51:37

Just the last level to go.

Fistandantilus 08-07-2008 11:02:53

Finished it, was fun :)

Now I'm playing gemcraft which is another defense tower variant and it's fun too.

Funko 08-07-2008 11:06:17

I finished it earlier too. Can't believe you found another one! Gah.

Immortal Wombat 08-07-2008 16:01:00

Well, I suck at Protector. Gemcraft is fun.

Funko 08-07-2008 16:16:32

Protector tips:

Purple, Green and Blue all have different debuffs and they are cumulative, grouping one of each of them together at the beginning of a level is very useful. Then if you want additional groups put them far enough into the maze that the other ones will have run out.

Levelling FTW.

The advanced units are only useful on very specific levels. Spending your experience on getting the bonuses on your normal troops and teacher, paver are much more useful.

Ultimate Mastery skill is AWESOME. All your normal units fire 25% faster.

A lot of levels mainly have units with one or two weaknesses, find out what they are and concentrate on those units, and concentrate your skills on those unit types.

Lurker the Second 08-07-2008 20:38:09

Good advice. I'm up to the last map. I ran the first group through without putting any protectors down just to see how the rats go. Probably do it tomorrow cause I don't have time now (work is almost over for the day :D ).

I have only used advanced units on two maps (both hard), but didn't need them on one of those. Could have gotten by with just regular units. I "had" to use archers on the hard map that only has flying units, though. I think I'll skill up for necromancers and alchemists on the last map.

JM^3 08-07-2008 23:14:20

I haven't had much success with the mastery units

I don't even know what situations to use a alchemist or necro or knight


Funko 09-07-2008 11:36:54

Other than archers on the all air map I used necromancers on a few maps, they need to be got out early and in good killing positions. Their special skill gives them a power boost based on their number of kills. If they have 20% and 5 kills they get +1 power, 50% and 100 kills they get +50 power. Pretty handy on some of the hard levels.

Weaken creeps with the debuff units then finish as many as possible off with your necromancer.

Paladins and alchemists seem to be totally pointless.

Kitsuki 09-07-2008 12:05:47

Paladins ignore all resistances...

Funko 09-07-2008 12:21:34

Yeah, but their range is so short and they can't hit anything that flies.

Kitsuki 09-07-2008 12:50:52

Yeah, but I found them useful on a couple of maps with few flyers and a variety of resistances.

Lurker the Second 09-07-2008 14:15:59

Putting cold and energy specialists together at the beginning of maps or right at the beginning of a killing field is foolproof.

Funko 09-07-2008 14:39:27

And why not add some poison?

Fistandantilus 09-07-2008 14:46:20

Poison is unethical.

Lurker the Second 09-07-2008 16:24:43

The final map was a bit disappointing. Way too easy imo. I don't think I even needed any units in the two opening squares, and the necromancer I got was wasted, only scoring 5 kills.

MDA 11-07-2008 11:34:14

I had a necromancer do really well on a 40 wave map - the shorter ones I can see them being much less important

Funko 11-07-2008 12:16:11

I had a necromancer rack up over 110 kills on that last level and another rack up over 80.

Lurker the Second 11-07-2008 13:53:42

Wow. Once they get that many kills they must be unbelievably powerful. I think I will replay some maps just to see how many necromancer kills I can get.

Fistandantilus 11-07-2008 14:18:12

I never used a necromancer :p

MDA 14-07-2008 11:13:57

Spent hours and hours of my weekend playing this while watching TV. I probably would have done better if I hadn't split my attention.

Changed my strategy and looked more at what stuff is strong against instead of what they're weak against. Fairly often there's a single element that nearly nothing is strong against. You still need diversity, but you can invest more heavily in that one element and do really well.

Still have a bunch of hard levels to go.

I find paladin/archer combos more useful than alchemists or necromancers.

Lurker the Second 17-07-2008 17:12:57

I decided to play to see what the max amount of necromancer kills I could get. I played the easy marathon map and ended up with 312 kills for my main necromancer. I ended up with 11 total units on the map and had 28 lives before the final guy, and he went through twice before killing him, so I ended up with 26 lives. Unfortunately the final guy is strong in energy and has an absorb effect, so the necromancer is useless on that run -- in fact he's counterproductive b/c of the absorb.

Anyway, that's the baseline for anyone who is interested.

MDA 21-07-2008 11:15:58

it needs an endgame flash epilogue or just a text ending when you finish the last level

can't complain about the game itself, most all the levels provided a decent challenge, except maybe the one where they give the heavy handed "archers good" hint in the intro

MDA 22-07-2008 09:16:00

Playing Gemcraft now - the fun part is going back and trying to get the "glowing border" scores, the regular levels aren't that tough

Fistandantilus 23-07-2008 20:43:42

I pretty much had to get glowing border scores or late levels would kill me do to my skills being too low.

Then again I suck, I couldn't complete the first secret level for a looong time.

MDA 24-07-2008 11:00:21

yeah, the first secret level was hard, the yellow secret level was much much easier than that one

I haven't done the later levels, maybe they scale the difficulty up faster in those.

I hear there are good hints in the secret forum.

Aredhran 29-07-2008 12:31:26

How did you beat that secret level with the green gems ? I just can't seem to find the trick to do it

Funko 29-07-2008 15:14:51

There's a new version!

Funko 29-07-2008 15:15:29

includes a fast forward button. woo!

Lurker the Second 29-07-2008 15:58:17

ooh, neat. Leveling up is different a bit.

MDA 30-07-2008 11:33:21

played the new protector over the weekend, its a little harder, I like it

yeah, I was a jerk and forgot to post it up here :(

On gemcraft, I beat the green gem secret level mostly the same as a lot of others - multiple moats surrounded by towers to create a kill zone - but I also spaced a few out along the track to keep poison ticking on ones that get through - I used a lot more gem bombs on that one than others, they just didn't seem to do as much damage (resistance based on creep color, I guess?). I couldn't get the glowing border bonus until much later.

The moats will bunch a lot of creeps up in a small area, making the bombs hit more of them.

Funko 01-08-2008 07:59:52

This new version is much harder. Which is good.

Lurker the Second 01-08-2008 14:17:28

yeah, much harder. I have not gotten through a medium level yet without more than one try. Part of the problem is lack of skills, which you only get by beating the levels.

Funko 01-08-2008 15:21:48

Yeah, you find you have to take the levels in a weird order sometimes. It's good. I've done about 8 levels now.

Lurker the Second 01-08-2008 17:35:59

Hell I'm even stuck on one of the easy levels. I am having trouble getting used to the effects of armor.

Lurker the Second 02-08-2008 02:51:45

This new version is seriously difficult. You have to get them just right to win once you've gotten past the first two or three easy ones.

Funko 04-08-2008 09:15:12

Warriors are actually important in this version, try armour piercing specialised warriors, and remember that infect ignores armour.

MDA 04-08-2008 12:05:54

yeah, I had a lot of trouble with the one racetrack-looking medium level until I started stacking up frost/armor piercing warriors

Lurker 04-08-2008 12:12:19

Has anyone done the one classified as "Easy (?)". It's in the middle of the middle land mass. Took me two days to finally figure it out. I thought it was quite clever and I got a bigger thrill out of beating that than I did any layout on the original protector.

Funko 04-08-2008 12:19:42

I haven't beaten it yet... I've got to about level 8 using infecting mages, but I'm not sure whether I need to tweak where I put them/when I upgrade them or choose a different strategy.

Funko 04-08-2008 12:32:59

Ha, now I've beaten it! :beer: Less is more. ;)

Lurker 04-08-2008 12:38:36

:beer: I kept getting destroyed on level 8 also. Tried all sorts of tweaks until finally solving it. Took you 13 minutes to do it after your post, so I assume you had been thinking of a plan beforehand?

Funko 04-08-2008 13:02:16

Yeah, I'd been heading in the right direction, I just thought sod it and decided to try the extreme.

Lurker the Second 04-08-2008 14:52:10

Can we do spoiler formatting here?

Funko 04-08-2008 15:00:16

Now I've got a couple of extra skill points a couple of the earlier levels got easier. Finally done that damn medium one with 5 waves.

Lurker the Second 04-08-2008 18:41:05

I didn't have the skill to add 10% to inflictor when I first did the "easy" map successfully, and after I unlocked that skill I went back and did it again. Same tactics, no losses at all. 1 and 9 were the only ones who even got back to me.

Funko 05-08-2008 14:39:27

Last level!

Lurker the Second 05-08-2008 15:01:59

Wow, you are quick. I am stuck on my last medium one -- the 5 stage one. I think I know what has to be done, but I am having trouble getting the second specialist that I presume I need for the 4th wave. He is always 3 hps shy of leveling to the necessary level. It looks like I need to time my leveling better or something.

Funko 05-08-2008 15:09:30

Are you trying to get 2 archers? I don't think it's possible. I spent ages trying to do that and then went for a different approach involving no warriors and some very careful timing on the levelling.

Lurker the Second 05-08-2008 15:29:33

Yeah, I was trying for 2 archers. Even then it wasn't clear that they could clean up all the bats, but I have been soooooo....... close to getting 2! Literally 21/2 hps away on the second warrior, with the first having an abundance of extra hps. I thought I'd just try to hold off leveling the first one to get more hps to the second. Oh well.

Funko 06-08-2008 08:44:37


Try a couple of big damage blue mages instead of the warriors. I massively upgraded the mages to give them mana exploitation etc. and I think used a point for an extra life. I got my blue mages to level 7 I think, I also didn't upgrade my red mages until all the blue stuff was dead.


Funko 06-08-2008 09:45:02

onto hardcore mode now. You keep your skill points from normal mode, this is so far making it quite easy.

Lurker the Second 06-08-2008 12:05:49

Spoiler here too:

I had already beaten it by the time I read your post, but I only used one blue mage. I only upgraded it to the needed level, although there was another level available before it was finished. I protected the first level with red mages on the front-side corners and middle squares, but only upgraded the corners and added red mages to the rear corners as needed so as not to lose on the first round. For the final run, I just added red mages to all rear squares on the exit side, even razing squares to maximize the number of mages. Not sure the razing was necessary, though.

Funko 06-08-2008 12:12:29

I only used the 4 initial mages. Good to see there are different techniques that work though.

Lurker the Second 06-08-2008 12:40:13

I wasn't sure how strong the absorb effect would be on the last guy, so I didn't want to waste firepower and have it essentially absorbed by the actions of the blue mage. So I set them up to hit after the absorb effect was ended.

I'm working on the bridge map now (my last medium one). Three failed attempts so far

Funko 06-08-2008 12:59:26

I came back to that one once I had a lot more skill points. Some of the hard ones aren't as hard as that.

Funko 08-08-2008 08:27:43

Completed. Hardcore mode is much easier than standard mode. You start with loads of skills and the techniques you used for the levels on medium seem to work just as well.

Drekkus 08-08-2008 09:00:51


Originally posted by Lurker the Second
Hope this one hasn't been done before. IF so, I missed it.


There's fair bit of strategy in this. I had a lot of trouble with the first medium map I did, but worked it out. Still working through the medium maps.

This sucks. I'm stuck at the medium level, level 16 and 17 are killing me.

Funko 08-08-2008 09:04:35

Which ones are level 16 and 17?

Drekkus 08-08-2008 09:26:52

the sucky ones.

Up to level 15, it's pretty much all fire, then a level cold, then a level physical. I went from 20 lives to 1 in 2 levels, and one flying bastard in the next one managed to get through and finish me off.

How do you unlock the advanced units anyway?

MDA 08-08-2008 11:21:36

5 wave spoiler:

Cripple works well. I put 4 unupgraded mages up top and two warriors in the middle (and an extra mage at the bottom) I upgraded the warriors to the first armor piercing level for wave three and the two topmost mages were fire/cripple. I got through the 4th wave with one archer. I don't think absorb/regen even factors in if you use cripple, they're that weak.

I spent all my skills in the general tree for purchase discounts, extra life, and experience bonus.


MDA 08-08-2008 11:30:07

drekkus: the third tier of the skill trees have the advanced units

Drekkus 08-08-2008 11:56:45

the what of the what??? :drekkus:

MoSe 08-08-2008 12:04:36

tier means beast in german

Lurker the Second 11-08-2008 12:15:29


Originally posted by Drekkus
the what of the what??? :drekkus:
:lol: You'll find the game gets a bit easier once you discover the skill tree.

MDA 11-08-2008 15:12:07

The skill tree really is a happy little tree.

Mr. Bas 12-08-2008 12:18:30

This is annoyingly addictive. My LWP reviews that I planned last night will have to wait...

Lurker the Second 18-08-2008 13:57:40

Finished last week. Got a little bug-eyed at first at the final boss until I realized what was going on.

MDA 18-08-2008 16:43:26

I got distracted by some flash dungeon-crawl game off that same site

Oerdin 26-08-2008 23:36:37

Stonefield Border is really hard.

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