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Funkodrom 15-05-2008 12:41:24

Free Game of the Week - Attack of the Buggles
Another great little single player game from the Casual Collective.

Attack of the Buggles. It reminds me quite a lot of Filler which was posted a couple of weeks ago. Move your mouse around avoiding the bad guys, but this time, you pick up boxes with your buggle. Average game time 30 seconds, give it a go.

Tizzy 15-05-2008 12:48:46

I scored 268 on my first go. That's fun.

Funko 15-05-2008 13:09:55

Top tip: Eat the green one.

Tizzy 15-05-2008 13:14:18

Oh. I avoided it :D

MattHiggs 15-05-2008 14:01:11

332 :(

Funko 15-05-2008 14:12:12


MDA 15-05-2008 15:14:35

video killed the radio star...

Funko 15-05-2008 16:18:33


Immortal Wombat 15-05-2008 16:24:21


MDA 15-05-2008 16:32:44

the green one turned out to be good

Venom 15-05-2008 20:49:01


It's a fun little diversion.

Funko 16-05-2008 14:49:35


Funko 16-05-2008 14:53:59

1023. WOO.

Greg W 16-05-2008 14:59:19

Do some work.

Funko 16-05-2008 15:23:36


Snotty 17-05-2008 12:05:50

704 first time. use the green one and the slow time at the same time

Funko 19-05-2008 11:28:04

I experimented with that but I've been having more success not combining them.

Well, I say that. I get to a multiple of 20, then use the slow and collect as many boxes as I can before I have to eat the green guy. Then I can eat more buggles with the roar.

At later levels I just use the slow to make sure I survive to get the green guy.

Immortal Wombat 26-05-2008 15:03:42


In the last 24 days 3,528 members have spent 170,966 minutes (or 2,849 hours) playing 332,880 games of Attack of the Buggles! Guests have spent 343,672,984 minutes (or 5,727,883 hours) playing 564,923 games.
So the casual collective member spend, on average, half a minute on each game. Guests average about ten hours per game. Or their tracking system is a bit broken.

Scabrous Birdseed 01-06-2008 22:56:22

I keep waiting for Trevor Horn to show up.

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