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chagarra 14-03-2008 01:52:34

"No nerf" boost
Please don't mind if I giggle a bit at the title

Game unplayable to me at the moment..

Currently you cannot turn of the station enviroment, and with my 2048x768 windowed dual monitor system, the extra heat just nerfs the game, even with my extra fans....

Looks like I wait till the next fix of fixes :lol: :lol: :lol: :vom:

chagarra 14-03-2008 01:58:32

Interesting ..... This was supposed to go in the EVE thread... since it won't let me delete , could a mod fix it , or just don't bother, since there are so few REAL people here anyway.... :p:

Shining1 14-03-2008 03:02:56

I don' think that word means wha you think it means.

JM^3 14-03-2008 03:08:44

cannot turn off the station environment?


RedFred 14-03-2008 03:36:50

Not sure if this helps, but I had a Nerf football back when I was a kid.

MDA 14-03-2008 11:14:16


Originally posted by Shining1
I don' think that word means wha you think it means.

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