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Funko 17-01-2008 08:57:16

Does it Offend You, Yeah? - Molotow, Hamburg, 13/01/2008 - Live Review

Scabrous Birdseed 17-01-2008 11:00:13

I can really appreciate the Offends' brand of "hard, sharp synths, hard, rockey real instruments" type of music. It's a really nice-sounding approach to rock that was briefly flirted with during the late seventies with a bunch of synth-punk bands, but then it basically dissapeared for the thirty-ish years and has only reappeared quite recently.

In the eighties rock bands would hide the keyboards deep in the mix and synth bands the guitars, or alternatively various industrial/EBM type bands would make it all into a mid-level muddle that didn't play on the strengths of the instruments. Then in the nineties simple bleepy synths became unfashionable in guitar music and the "lo-fi" type approach/sampling techniques shaved the edge off the music.

As late as five or six years ago, when the stripped-down sounds recieved a media comeback, the distinction was still extremely clearly drawn (not least culturally) between the garagey-type sound and the electroclashey one. Even Dance-punk bands like Radio 4 were mostly regular guitar bands. But now in the past couple of years we've seen a huge softening of the limit from all directions, with plenty of "electro-rock" and "rock-electro" bands coming through. Which is fucking awesome, I think, as I love both pure electro and pure garagey rock and I think keeping up any sort of "synth is not rock" distinction is just silly.

(My blog post on the subject and similar concurrent developments.)

I'm curious if anyone has any theories why this is all happening now?

Funko 17-01-2008 11:02:35

No, but I liked your blog post on the subject.

In fact I was about to say I'd read a really good article about it recently and then realised it was yours. :o

C.G.B. Spender 17-01-2008 11:12:33

I also like that they're not the kind of clever tongue-in-cheek eclecticism band, rather a authentic rock band.

It's not like "Stop the Rock" hahaha look Status Quo boogie ridiculous but we love that clever clever clever type of music.

C.G.B. Spender 17-01-2008 11:14:29


Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
I'm curious if anyone has any theories why this is all happening now?
Because nobody remembers "Jump" anymore ...

C.G.B. Spender 17-01-2008 11:15:33

or ELP

Funko 17-01-2008 11:19:52

I think what Scabby said in that blog is right, it's just got to the stage that the genre boundaries have become so fluid that no-one really gives a shit what instruments people use to make music any more.

Other than a hard core of people in hard rock/metal who consider synths and backing tracks to be the work of satan... er... or of God maybe. They don't like them at any rate.

C.G.B. Spender 17-01-2008 11:28:01

Maybe it's because digital technolgy - like mobile phones, internet, digicams etc. - have become quite common and lost the image of nerdiness ...

Mr. Bas 18-01-2008 11:10:34

Nice review and interesting article, Johan. I agree that the taboo on certain instruments is slowly disappearing, although there is still a considerable amount of traditionalists in certain rock circles (Steve Albini and some metal genres come to mind). Especially in the metal corner, more and more experimental things are going on nowadays, I read a nice article about that recently. Here it is, by Julian Cope. Hydrahead is releasing lots of interesting, though sometimes a bit difficult, music, if you're into that genre.

I really liked the Does it offend you, yeah? show in Groningen too, it had an energy that you do not see very often at gigs. The combination of electronic and rock elements certainly helped quite a lot.

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