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Scabrous Birdseed 18-11-2007 22:58:51

Free Game of the Week - Hamster Flight
A "launch"-type game from a kids TV show. Doesn't sound great, does it? But with the strange physics implementation, the well-thought-through bonus items and the skill-based (yes, not luck based! In a launch game!) learning curve this is a better treat than most.

protein 18-11-2007 23:10:19

just what you need in the studio!

protein 18-11-2007 23:34:14

434 so far...

protein 18-11-2007 23:50:45



protein 19-11-2007 02:57:23


515 in one jump!

protein 19-11-2007 05:06:12

5.05am and still working. thank god for this game!

Scabrous Birdseed 19-11-2007 08:43:54

894, that's a good score! I'm hovering just below 700 myself with four scores in the 660-685 range yesterday.

Funko 19-11-2007 13:58:51

I've got 0 a lot of times.

Scabrous Birdseed 19-11-2007 16:59:23

Might help if you read the instructions.

Funko 19-11-2007 17:16:18

I've got some non-0s too. :p

It's hard to hit the hamster with the pillow. Or I haven't played enough to work out when to fire it, on the way up or down...

Funko 19-11-2007 17:23:02


Funko 19-11-2007 17:28:01


MDA 19-11-2007 20:19:45

I've got 600+, but nowhere near 700

and I'm horrible hitting them with the pillow too

Immortal Wombat 20-11-2007 05:11:14

413. I can't seem to get more than 140 on any single launch. :(

Immortal Wombat 20-11-2007 05:29:51

692. maybe there is a skill element...

Immortal Wombat 20-11-2007 06:00:09

800. and now I've set myself an unrealistically high standard, I shall go to bed.

Funko 20-11-2007 09:31:57

409. I just got a 201 foot flight. :beer:

Funko 20-11-2007 09:41:47

665 with a 310, I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Scabrous Birdseed 20-11-2007 10:49:27

Finally 734.

Funko 20-11-2007 11:52:13

Best GOTW for a long time. :beer:

MDA 20-11-2007 12:09:41

yeah, its killing the time leading up to US Thanksgiving pretty well

Scabrous Birdseed 20-11-2007 15:48:15


protein 20-11-2007 16:53:04


i think the trick is to keep the flight horizontal at the height where the sky changes from light orange to dark orange.

Funko 20-11-2007 17:17:30

I'm getting 200s regularly now, I just need to string a few together. :D

Beta1 20-11-2007 17:35:31

this is great, I'm stuck around 350ish

MDA 20-11-2007 17:49:53

789! luckiest string ever

Immortal Wombat 20-11-2007 18:31:51

1029. I think protein's right. You can chain a few rockets and aim for the springboards if you run out of speed.

protein 20-11-2007 19:56:06


this game rules!

Funko 21-11-2007 08:54:12

767. :beer:

Scabrous Birdseed 21-11-2007 11:49:46

944. Getting there...

Immortal Wombat 21-11-2007 13:33:22

Has anyone managed to get to the height in the stars where there's another layer of power-ups and cruise there for a while? I keep shooting through it at high speeds.

protein 21-11-2007 14:27:37

ooh, no. will try that now.

Scabrous Birdseed 21-11-2007 14:56:05

Really? I thought I'd gone fairly high into the stars and I didn't see any powerups. To get there and maitain horizontality you'd have to have insane speed at a great height and a yellow ball... Is it even possible?

Immortal Wombat 21-11-2007 15:13:08

I got up there by coming down from high, landing through a yellow ball and going straight back up again. I suspect you would have to top out at exactly the right place (and probably on top of a rocket) to maintain horizontality.

Immortal Wombat 21-11-2007 15:19:34

of course, it may be a graphics glitch

MDA 21-11-2007 15:52:53


I've been way up there, just not high enough yet. Early on, I thought height and a 45 degree angle would be best for distance, but my hamsters have high wind resistance.

Scabrous Birdseed 21-11-2007 15:59:19

So, can anyone who's a physicist point out some of the weird incogruities in the physics model?

Funko 21-11-2007 16:45:55

The helicopter thingy blows you upwards, even if you're underneath it.

Scabrous Birdseed 21-11-2007 19:00:19

Found a weird bug: If you're pointing reasonably upwards with okay forward speed, you can button mash, old track&field game style, and the hamster keeps flying upwards until it runs out of forward thrust.

This way I've seen both the "second plane" including clouds, a set of weird graphical glitches, an area where the stars scroll the wrong way etc. etc.

It doesn't help you achieve a good score at all though. :)

protein 21-11-2007 22:47:31



one of the jumps was 910 ft.

Funko 22-11-2007 09:12:26


Scabrous Birdseed 23-11-2007 16:15:22

Well, that's killed this competition.

protein 24-11-2007 19:18:57


i should probably get a life.

protein 25-11-2007 14:49:45


i need help.

mr_B 25-11-2007 20:09:42

0 feet weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

JM^3 25-11-2007 20:13:16

That is what I got at first alos. The last time I went, I got over 300 though.


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