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Chris 22-07-2007 18:53:15

Commander: War in Europe
Just reviewed this, WWII turn based hexagon wargame of WWII in the west.

It's pretty damn good, far more realistic than Hearts of Iron as a simulation of WWII grand strategy.

Link to review

Greg W 22-07-2007 21:21:38


The scene of the most intense and brutal fighting has come to be known as The War in the West in the European theatre.
:hmm: That's awfully subjective.

Chris 23-07-2007 01:51:02

Its a review, live with it.

maroule 23-07-2007 08:05:30

I presume Greg is disputing the underlying historical view, not the review, by pointing at its western centric angle. War in the Pacific was as intense generally, and for the US troops, was actually more intense.

That said, there is a consensus by historians to say the campaign of russia as a whole was were the most "intense and brutal fighting" took place (with the specific set pieces like Stalingrad, the siege of Leningrad, Koursk, etc.)

I'll check out the game, looks interesting

Greg W 23-07-2007 12:25:02

Yeah, the game does look interesting. I was just more having a go at the very subjective nature of that quote. Having read some of the stuff about the Japs and the nature of the Island to Island fighting they went through, I'd put it right up there with Russia. And Chris, by that quote, seems to be lumping the entire Western campaign as the equal of Russia.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trivialising any of the battles. I'm just questioning that particular line.

Chris 25-07-2007 01:25:30

The game will get a graphics update, from guys that currently are doing HoI 2 mods.

Greg W 24-11-2007 00:16:46

Picked the game up recently and I must say I quite enjoy it, though I have barely begun to scratch the surface of all the ways to play.

Playing as Germany I managed to take Poland, Holand, Belgium and France with no problems at all. I then launched operation Sea Lion by landing troops in Southern England and taking Birmingham so that my troops would be in supply. Once they were, capturing the rest of England was surprisingly easy, especially as I had air superiority.

The only somewhat disappointing issue is that England is still in the war due to them "owning" a capital in Canada. I think, I haven't read the manual properly. But you'd think that capturing all of England would lead to their surrender. Because the logistics of invading Canada when their fleet still kicks the crap out of mine are just nasty...

North Africa is proving somewhat difficult, as support issues (I think) keep eating away at troop effectiveness. I think that Oil is going to be a major problem soon as I just plain don't have much, and was hoping for a sweeping victory through Nth Africa to allow me to reach the Oil fields in the Middle East.

And then there's the daunting prospect of taking on Russia, which will make Operation Sea Lion look positively tame in comparison. :eek:

Haven't played a lot with research yet, have only built a few research facilities. It's probably something I should allocate a lot more effort to really.

All in all, am quite enjoying the game. :beer:

Chris 24-11-2007 01:29:03

As Germany you had better get to Iraq and research or you won't beat the Russians.

Chris 24-11-2007 01:37:52

You have to take Canada to get the UK to surrender, you cannot invade Gibralter or Malta easily. (it is possible with a lot of air and sea power, but just barely)

Also, the UK will have partisans until you knock them out of the war.

Greg W 24-11-2007 05:32:27

Partisans, eh? That doesn't sound like much fun to me. :( Oh well, it's pretty much my first game (after the tutorial anyway), so I'm not too worried. Just learning as I go.

Chris 24-11-2007 07:08:03

Partisans are militia, as long as you garrison the cities they can't do crap.

Drekkus 17-12-2007 09:28:59

Heeeey, good timing Chris!! I've been looking for a game like this. Even picked up Civ II and am playing the Dictator 6 scenario by Curt Sibling. Very nice unit graphics and great gameplay.
I'll give this one a shot as well.

Chris 17-12-2007 17:57:26

Curt did a lot with the Civ 2 engine.

You will like this game Drekkus, it's a fun WWII game but has some nice detail and choices but doesn't get bogged down with too many units.

Funko 18-12-2007 08:59:05

Can he play as the Dutch?

C.G.B. Spender 18-12-2007 09:02:15

Yes, but only within the first 2 turns

Drekkus 18-12-2007 10:35:13


I think in the original Civ II there was a WWII scenario where you could play as the dutch. And indeed it was impossible to get past turn 2. :D

Greg W 18-12-2007 13:34:13

Actually, when Germany declare war in C:EaW, the Dutch become part of the Allies. I think they'd be struggling to last more than a turn against the Germans though.

C.G.B. Spender 18-12-2007 13:45:41

bye bye bike

Chris 18-12-2007 21:45:36

The Dutch and Belgian units suck, they won't last long, but if you send some Limey divisions to Holland you can hold out for a few turns, but you will lose.

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