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Oerdin 09-07-2007 06:41:18

Free game of the week: Colonization.
FreeCol is the freeware version of Sid Meier's old Colonization game which has been released after the source code was made public.

The game is fun and a blast from the past plus best of all it is free.

Cort Haus 09-07-2007 10:32:02


Funko 09-07-2007 10:33:40

I might actually have to download that

C.G.B. Spender 09-07-2007 10:51:02

Doesn't work here :(

fp 09-07-2007 10:51:13

It won't be as good as I remember, so I'll spare myself the disappointment.

MDA 09-07-2007 11:40:29

it was one of my favorites, played on a 386/33, no math coprocessor :p

Oerdin 09-07-2007 11:55:07

The AI still sucks but it is fun. Best of all it has a multiplayer option so we could get an MP game going if we wanted to.

Cort Haus 10-07-2007 16:16:50

First, is there any 'earth' map in this version? I used to play on that.

Second, is it normal for the English and French to start on almost the same tile. Both games I tried were crowded because of this - though I think I had a small map.

Oerdin 11-07-2007 00:49:34

Small maps are crowded though I have noticed the AI seems to gravitate towards certain very good city locations. They also seem to stall their colonial development at times.

I started a few games with 50k gold and during the game I conquored all the colonies of England and Spain. The foreign adviser said both still had around 30k and lots of ships so they should have had enough money to restart in one of the unsettled ares but neighter tried.

Chris 11-07-2007 01:51:19

You can get the original game with sound for free here:

LoD 11-07-2007 14:50:01

FreeCol is decent, but still needs some dev time to really shine.

Asher 14-07-2007 19:34:20

Why the fuck does it require internet access to play?

LoD 15-07-2007 12:42:23

It doesn't, at least 0.61 didn't.

Cort Haus 15-07-2007 21:23:49

Is the 'city radius' only ever one tile out from the centre?

VetLegion- 15-07-2007 22:02:38

Don't tell Heresson you found this or he'll flunk his exams again :lol:

I'll definitely try this one out.

Oerdin 16-07-2007 03:49:41


Originally posted by Cort Haus
Is the 'city radius' only ever one tile out from the centre?
Yep. It was the same in the original back in 1992 or so.

Asher 16-07-2007 04:39:43


Originally posted by LoD
It doesn't, at least 0.61 didn't.
ZoneAlarm requested internet access...I hit no, nothing launched.

MDA 17-07-2007 10:26:29

FreeCol 0.7.0 Released 2007/07/13

Trade and negotiations between human players.
A simple map editor has been created.
The in-game user documentation has been improved.
Map of the Americas added.
Automated trade routes.
Lots of bugfixes and more features.

Edit to add:

"Even in single player mode, FreeCol is a client-server game." - from the manual

MDA 18-07-2007 10:31:00

I forgot how much I enjoy playing the French and inciting the native american tribes to kill my enemies. Guess I'm not into direct confrontation, I like culture and science victories in other Civvish games as well.

Chris 18-07-2007 17:43:29

Damn frogs.

Polytubby 23-07-2007 13:37:07

I normally trade with the natives a few times to get some gold then just wipe them out. It's only worth the trouble though if you own your own gallon.

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