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Funkodrom 07-06-2007 08:11:25

Free Game of the Week - Bowmaster
Mr Birdseed is a bit busy at the moment so he's asked me to post my FGOTW suggestion myself. And here it is Bowmaster. It's part RTS, part skill shooting game. To get started you will need to know (because the instructions suck) that to shoot your bow you click on your bowmaster, hold the mouse button down, pull back away from the direction you want to fire, and let go to unleash your arrow. As you kill all the enemies on each level you get to go to a shop where you can buy new skills, like the ability to summon foot soldiers and siege weapons of your own, and you can also buy better arrows. Worth persevering past the first couple of minutes when you don't know what the hell is going on. Oh yeah, one other thing, it does save your progress in a cookie, so you don't have to complete it in one go. Good shootin'!

MattHiggs 07-06-2007 14:26:19

Got through the first level and picked up RSI

Bob 08-06-2007 07:28:56

Bow down to your master!

jsorense 09-06-2007 20:20:22

This is kinda fun. It is easiest on auto target.

MDA 12-06-2007 12:25:34

I like the bow pull method, more fun.

Prolonged playing of the game caused my vision to blur - I think the white background made me snowblind. I was worried for a few minutes, then it went away.

Meteor is fun, and I finally figured out the way to kill the different colored air units - turns out they're colored for a reason! Not sure of the advantages of bringing down the enemy tower early - other than to make ranged units hiding near it shootable. Does it mess with the wave timer or the quality of units spawned?

Centara Fugue 12-06-2007 20:02:34

Similar experience to MDA on the enemy castle - hard to kill and can't tell if it does anything but unhide the enemy archers so you can hit them. Does it give you a big cash bonus for buying upgrades?

I find the bow pulling method tedious - with jsorense on that part - I prefer auto target for less irksome arrow shootin. No question about the pulling method requiring more skill, though.

Overall I found this one to progress too slowly for my taste. Every level seems like a long drawn out process of slowly overrunning the defenses and stealing the other guy's flag. I didn't find a good way to make the fights shorter (more decisive) but rather found it was always a gradual victory. Hmmm, didn't try building the big melee guys tho, just the basic ones. Maybe that would help.

Centara Fugue 13-06-2007 07:26:30


Originally posted by Centara Fugue
...Overall I found this one to progress too slowly for my taste. ... Hmmm, didn't try building the big melee guys tho, just the basic ones. Maybe that would help. ...
Well, not the big melee guys, but the horse guys are great! I found a combo I like in horse guys + heal wave arrow. After that I have spent my money on the 5000-gold items.

Also have to eat my words on it being too slow.

This one is pretty addictive.

Funko 13-06-2007 08:23:24

Glad you guys are enjoying it. :beer:

MDA 13-06-2007 10:32:21

Still fear I may go blind playing. Its really disconcerting to look away from the screen and have everything look blurry for a few minutes, yet I continue to play. Anxiously awaiting my first seizure.

There's a fat boss guy that looks like Venom I'm trying to kill now. He's kinda fun, reminds me of Bald Bull from Punch Out.

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