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King_Ghidra 04-06-2007 15:01:57

Forza Motorsport 2
Xbox 360-owning petrol-heads zone begins here:

Came out last friday in US, comes out in europe this friday. I shall be buying and reviewing for CG.

Played the demo - pretty graphics, handling seems good.

single player promises the full gran turismo experience: buy your car, tune all the little bits, race it, earn more money, tune it some more or upgrade to shinier car, etc, etc.

car colour and pattern designer looks pretty amazing

multiplayer and online auction house etc. etc.

I've also played burnout revenge and test drive unlimited on 360 and TDU in particular is bloody brilliant. Hopefully this will be even brillianter (sic).

King_Ghidra 11-06-2007 09:21:33

good game. review to follow.

in-game shot of one of my cars below:

Funko 11-06-2007 09:30:30

Stunning graphics.

maroule 11-06-2007 12:05:22

considering you can have just about any nice car you want, picking this one is surely the work of a twisted mind

Greg W 11-06-2007 12:19:28

That's bloody amazing graphics. :eek:

maroule 11-06-2007 12:21:35

they took one more year of development to make sure they used the 360 properly

we're going to start seeing games exploiting more of this platform now

Greg W 11-06-2007 12:25:19

I tell you what, if they develop a Wii style controller ASAP, they will rule the console market.

Fistandantilus 11-06-2007 12:41:39


Originally posted by King_Ghidra
good game. review to follow.

in-game shot of one of my cars below:

Not a scratch?

Stop driving coservatively you pussy.

Venom 11-06-2007 12:44:51

Is this the game you can hook up to 3 x-boxes and 3 TVs and have the full "driver experience"?

maroule 11-06-2007 12:53:48

I've seen it on 3 tv's, but with only one xbox

Venom 11-06-2007 13:22:55

Hmmm, maybe that (my) information was unreliable.

maroule 11-06-2007 14:19:23

after checking, actually you were right

King_Ghidra 11-06-2007 14:41:25


Originally posted by maroule
considering you can have just about any nice car you want, picking this one is surely the work of a twisted mind
haha, the delta was a reward car and it came in a horrible burgundy colour. but as it was 4WD and had nice performance i really wanted to use it. one lime green paint job, some rally style numbers and new alloys later, it was my favourite car :D

and until i save up some more in-game money i can't really have any nice car i want :P

Venom 11-06-2007 14:44:56


Originally posted by maroule
after checking, actually you were right


King_Ghidra 11-06-2007 15:22:02

here i am doing a little drifting

maroule 11-06-2007 16:20:01


Originally posted by Venom
all right, I was right about the Iraqi war, you were right about playing Forza triple screen, it's a worthy draw

Venom 11-06-2007 18:09:41

You've never been right about anything.

Fistandantilus 11-06-2007 18:43:36

Let the truth be known!

Bob 12-06-2007 06:43:45

Lies spreading frenchmen!

maroule 12-06-2007 08:09:15


Originally posted by Venom
You've never been right about anything.
:confused: but I've called you a dickhead several times

Greg W 12-06-2007 10:36:52

Well, that's hard to argue with. Even if he was just copying someone else.

Venom 12-06-2007 12:08:50

I guess that means I'm not a dickhead then. Excellent.

Fistandantilus 18-06-2007 12:13:56

Best review evah!

King_Ghidra 18-06-2007 12:18:16

i nearly finished it, but i haven't.

King_Ghidra 26-06-2007 10:21:35

Started playing again last night, will try and finish review today. Here's some more pics:

Venom 26-06-2007 12:22:09

How do you like it so far? I almost got it over the weekend, but I need to read a review before I overpay for any 360 game.

King_Ghidra 26-06-2007 12:54:23

short answer: i like it a lot.

slightly longer answer: but if you just want a pick up and play adrenaline driving game you might want to look elsewhere. however if you like the idea of a career mode, racing different cars, upgrading them, tuning them, dealing with different handling, etc. then you will love it.

novacane 26-06-2007 13:16:22

why learn to drive when you can play Forza Motorsport 2. I can hardly blame you. One relatively small initial outlay rather than a prolonged expense, followed by a lifetime of expense. This game could solve all transport crises. Get your driving kicks at home kids

King_Ghidra 26-06-2007 13:30:02


it is something of a self-contradiction i can't resolve. love motorsports of most kinds, love the engineering, the noise, the style of motor racing, but have no interest in being a car driver on a day to day basis myself.

i guess it's that thing that motor racing is about as far removed from commuter driving as the olympic 100m sprint final is from a walk down the shops.

when i did some kart racing once upon a time on a stag do i loved every minute of it, but sitting stationary in a hot car doesn't appeal.

novacane 26-06-2007 13:39:34

Quite right. The contradiction totally understandable.

Even the thrill of the (real) open road can be tempered slightly by the knowledge that if you lose it, flip over, achieving multiple and highly impressive rolls, the likelihood is that you won't land on your wheels and be able to drive away needing only a replacement wing on your next visit to the garage. But, that you might end up with a steering column through your skull.

King_Ghidra 27-06-2007 09:45:31

Right, finished my review, can't remember how to publish it.

MattHiggs 27-06-2007 09:58:43

Hmm, I've noticed in our local trading rag (Loot) that there are a lot of people willing to swap a Wii for an XBox 360. This is very tempting as I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the original Forza and it'll look very nice HDized!

maroule 27-06-2007 10:18:50

KG, does it mean you don't have your driving licence?

*points and laughs*

I had mine at 30 years old, and had to endure 12 years of sniggering... I just had no use for it and couldn't be arsed

LoD 27-06-2007 10:52:37

Heh, then I still have 7 years to improve the CG average on your behalf...

King_Ghidra 27-06-2007 11:59:20

where is nav, or funko or sb or anyone who knows how to publish stuff?!


Greg W 27-06-2007 12:15:41

Good luck finding one on CG.

novacane 27-06-2007 12:50:15

I'm a adult

Funko 28-06-2007 08:34:19


Originally posted by King_Ghidra
where is nav, or funko or sb or anyone who knows how to publish stuff?!


I went to publish it, but I couldn't see the article?

King_Ghidra 28-06-2007 08:52:44

i have some text on my computer, i want it to appear on a website, help me

Greg W 28-06-2007 09:57:00

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!

Funko 28-06-2007 10:15:22

Sent you a PM

Fistandantilus 03-07-2007 14:36:08


King_Ghidra 03-07-2007 14:38:52

ah you see i finished it and then i realised i hadn't mentioned the graphics or the sound so i thought i'd better go back and do that and i haven't done it yet.

Funko 17-07-2007 08:36:53

Too busy playing to finish it?

King_Ghidra 17-07-2007 11:02:50

i keep playing different games. i'm so fickle.

Chris 17-07-2007 11:45:17

Wern't we backwards about this according to Asher?

Asher 17-07-2007 14:51:44


Fistandantilus 11-09-2007 14:23:26

Could someone at least post the unfinished version on the lazyasses blog?

Funko 11-09-2007 14:25:55

the lazyasses don't have a copy of the review.

MattHiggs 05-12-2007 10:20:18

My 360 died a few weeks ago with the infamous 3 RRoD. The fucker I bought it off had already opened the console too so the warranty was void!

I've just flogged the old unit, power supply and two wireless controllers for 150 so I bought the Xbox Arcade which had Forza 2, Viva Pinata, 5 Arcade Games and 2 Wireless Controllers. So, every cloud has a silver lining!

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