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Funko 22-05-2007 15:23:24

Speedball 2

Apparently it's coming out for PC as well as X-Box 360... although our friend who works for the developers didn't seem to know that. Official site.

Funko 22-05-2007 15:26:19

Ah ok...

After surfing the forum. 2 games are coming out, a rerelease of the original on XBLA and this new version. :nervous:

King_Ghidra 22-05-2007 15:35:21

I'll definitely buy the original again for XBLA. But it would take something pretty special to make me buy a new version.

Funko 22-05-2007 15:50:07

Completely different developers.

Fistandantilus 22-05-2007 16:28:50

Did you hear KG?

Completely. Different. Developers. Version... tsk

Venom 22-05-2007 16:44:03

I'll await my review copy.

maroule 23-05-2007 07:59:30

ah, the glory days of Amiga gaming
god I loved that game
unlike PES6, it was worth your time developing your intial players' skills, who ended up super strong

King_Ghidra 23-05-2007 15:06:09

that is true, but they were never quite as good as the best of the free agent star players, and they certainly weren't as cool

Nav 24-05-2007 10:16:42


MattHiggs 24-05-2007 22:53:17

I loved Speedball 2! Infact I've got it on my hacked xbox with an Amiga emulator :smug:

fp 19-10-2007 06:20:44

The XBLA version is out.

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