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Nav 26-04-2007 17:12:50

Football Manager Live
This might be interesting, it's supposed to be much less social-life sapping than the full-blown game. Might be fun to set up some CG leagues etc.

Nav 28-04-2007 11:25:05

seems this was already posted in the monolithic FM06 thread, verr sorry!

fp 28-04-2007 13:37:53

Nobody bothered replying there either. :D

Resource Consumer 14-05-2007 10:31:10

Ram Elton

fp 09-02-2009 21:21:12

This game is out now. Anyone playing it?

Fistandantilus 10-02-2009 00:21:27

Thank god no or I'd prolly lost my job.
The amount I time I spend on fm09 in enough as is :p

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