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Lurker the Second 29-03-2007 02:07:02

This is a mistake, but that's what happens when you're drunk.

There was a thread that's not showing up on my screen anymore (or if it is, see paragraph 1) that asked basically what music do you like that you're secretly ashamed of. Or something to that effect.

Anyway, someone, maybe Debaser, not sure, kind of suggested Springsteen is someone whose music he might be ashamed to be caught listening. But the caveat was he was listening to it.

So my question is this: how is it possible that listening to Springsteen is embarassing? Forget individual songs because you people are too smart for that. He has shit songs just like Dylan has a catalogue of shit songs, but holy shit, embarassed?


Scabrous Birdseed 29-03-2007 06:20:22

I think it's because most of his fans are middle-aged men. That's very uncool. Coupled with the fact that most people associate him with big-production belter hits, the E Street Band who're obviously a bunch of clueless idiots, and a number of raise your fists hits...

It takes a while to clue in to the fact that he's a brilliant chronicler of small-town New Jersey life, has severe artistic ambitions and connections to everyone from Spector to Suicide.

He just needs to get rid of the good-natured image and that fucking humour routine and start being ambitious again.

Scabrous Birdseed 29-03-2007 06:22:48

I'm fairly embarassed to listen to Dylan though.

King_Ghidra 29-03-2007 08:37:08

i already said in the thread lurker is talking about that i wouldn't be ashamed of ebing a springsteen fan, but i think SB has the analysis right on why some people might feel embarassed to admit it.

especially in the uk, saying you're a fan of a middle-aged us rocker most famous for having a song used as an american rallying call (mistakenly so of course) and for having courtney cox in one of his videos is not going to enhance your cool.

anyone who sees underneath the surface would soon see the things that SB said about why he's good though

Funko 29-03-2007 09:50:31

I definitely think that he's not as respected in the UK as he is in the US.

I think SB and K_G have it pretty much spot on. Especially some of the big production belter hits and dodgy videos in the 80s and middle aged fans. I think most young people in the UK think of Springsteen's music is something that someone like Jeremy Clarkson* would listen to.

The other thing that's potentially a factor is that SB mentioned that Springsteen is "a brilliant chronicler of small-town New Jersey life" but that doesn't necessarily mean much to your average British teenager. Dylan, for example, tends to have more universal themes.

*middle aged car jounalist/tv presenter

Lurker 29-03-2007 14:08:31

Yeah, that whole Born in the USA thing had, from my perspective, such a bizarre result. It is nowhere near his best album, but was a huge seller. The title song introduced a generation to his work and ended up being appropriated by Reagan during his campaign for re-election despite being a truly depressing anti-government, anti-war, anti-hope song.

I can understand the reaction to him from people who really just know that album, but there is so much more out there. Sounds like you guys know that, though. And quit knocking middle-age, I'll be there soon, and so will you bastards before you know it. :D

Funko 29-03-2007 14:42:30

We weren't knocking it, merely saying that teenagers will never think their parents generation is cool.

Lazarus and the Gimp 29-03-2007 16:34:02

It's worth remembering that over the most impressionable years of most CG music regulars, Springsteen was shit. "Human Touch"? "Lucky Town"? Cobblers.

Bob 19-04-2007 11:11:35

Because the Rolling Stone Magazine thinks he's cool

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