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Scabrous Birdseed 06-03-2007 08:44:17

The entirely unexpected appearance of THE MUSIC QUIZ THREAD!
Post quiz questions about music, chart mechanics, silly artist trivia, whatever here and try to stump or titilate your fellow posters.

I'll start off with an easy one:

Which chart-topping act took their name from a faction in a very, very geeky tabletop wargame?

Fergus & The Brazen Car 06-03-2007 10:14:49

The Human League

Mr. Bas 06-03-2007 11:25:59

So, now the idea is that Fergus asks a new question, right?

Scabrous Birdseed 06-03-2007 11:29:17

Or someone else, I guess. The Football quiz thread worked pretty well with chaotic questioning.

Fergus & The Brazen Car 06-03-2007 11:48:52

Which singer/songwriter was so delighted by the joys of Widnes they wrote a song about their experiences there ?

Gramercy Riffs 06-03-2007 12:09:06

Paul Simon?

Or was that Wigan...hmm...

*End Is Forever* 06-03-2007 14:22:08

I thought Simon's song was about wanting to leave Widnes...

King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 09:26:51

perhaps fergus was employing a non-literal tone. anyway gramercy is right according to google.

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 09:58:03

Yeah, Homeward Bound I believe.

ok, who was the last band/artist to have a song at #1 and #2 at the same time in the UK charts?

Mr. Bas 07-03-2007 10:07:26

A wild guess: Robbie Williams.

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 10:09:50

Very wild :lol:


Scabrous Birdseed 07-03-2007 10:12:29

There was that spate of Elvis singles released once a month a few years ago, a couple of which reached number one right? So I'm gonna go with Elvis Presley.

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 10:55:31


King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 11:34:58

i'm going to guess it hasn't happened for ages

so....the beatles

Mr. Bas 07-03-2007 11:42:03

The Spice Girls then?

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 11:50:47

No and no (though the Beatles obviously did, quite a few times I think)

the clue is in the question. "band/artist"

Scabrous Birdseed 07-03-2007 11:53:10

Okay... Let's go for famous deaths then, cause I can't think of any other singles released before the last one's chart run peaked for the past twenty years or so.

John Lennon?

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 11:54:34


Actually, it was the US charts, not the UK sorry, so now Im not sure the question is correct. Hmmm

Greg W 07-03-2007 11:56:45

Hmm. Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5?

Scabrous Birdseed 07-03-2007 11:57:34

Ah that makes a huge difference.

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 11:57:36

Anyway, the one Im referring to was in the 80's. Don't know if anyone has done it in the US since then, though I suspect so cos the charts there are retarded nowadays.

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 12:01:22

Not Michael Jackson

Scabrous Birdseed 07-03-2007 12:03:19

Ashanti did in 2002. I thought I remembered it as soon as you changed the country and Google confirms it.

Greg W 07-03-2007 12:05:01

Hmm. Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac?

(or am I on the wrong track?)

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 12:05:49

Ok, so as I suspected.

Well the one I have in mind did'nt actually record both songs, so its still a relevant question I suppose.

It's very easy now.

Greg W 07-03-2007 12:08:08


Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 12:09:28


C'mon, think of someone who writes songs for other people as well as records thier own.

Greg W 07-03-2007 12:10:59

Yeah, the problem is the "in the 80s" part, linked with my dodgy memory. :cute:

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 12:11:57

I see Debaser is here now, he'll get it.

I am suprised no-one has..

Scabrous Birdseed 07-03-2007 12:18:09

(By the way, apparently it's happened five times since Ashanti with the "weird new charts", in order Nelly, OutKast, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey and Akon, three months ago. None for twenty years before her, though.)

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 12:19:06

Right, you get 2 clues cos I fucked the question up really.

Clue 1 - Michael Jackson was close

Clue 2 - the song at number 1 was this bands/persons own song that they recorded. the song at number 2 was recorded by another person/band.

Greg W 07-03-2007 12:23:51


I would guess Janet, but I don't think you mean that close, and I don't think she wrote for other people.

Joe Jackson? (that's a stab in the dark)

Nevermind - according to Wiki he never had a #1 (anywhere)...

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 12:29:48

ok, answer time.


Greg W 07-03-2007 12:33:25

See, I wasn't aware that he wrote for anyone else. Never was a massive fan of his.

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 12:34:33

On the week "Kiss" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Manic Monday - a song written by Prince under the alias "Christopher" and performed by The Bangles was at #2.

He also wrote Nothing Compares 2U, the talented bastard.

Mr. Bas 07-03-2007 12:49:56

I never would have guessed either, although I knew he wrote 'Nothing compares 2U'.

King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 13:24:55

Ok here's my question, name the following musicians from the manner of their deaths (some of these are literal and some a bit tricksy):

1) Shot onstage by a fan

2) Shot outside home by a fan

3) Shot by his father

4) Death by masturbation

5) Drowned in a swimming pool

6) Drowned in the mississipi

7) Suicide caused by watching German films

8) AIDS/Pneumonia #1

9) AIDS/Pneumonia #2

10) Sold his soul to the devil

(By the way this took ages to compile, i hope someone doesn't get them all in 5 mins)

Mr. Bas 07-03-2007 13:28:14

1. Dimebag Darrell
2. John Lennon
3. Marvin Gaye
5. Keith Moon
6. Jeff Buckley?
8. Freddy Mercury?
10. Robert Johnson (or Euronymous)

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 13:28:53

2) Lennon

3) Marvyn Gaye?

8) or 9) Freddie!!

10) Leadbelly?

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 13:29:34

oh 5) could be Brian Jones

King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 13:36:15

Correct so far:

1) Dimebag Darrell
2) John Lennon
3) Marvin Gaye

5) Brian Jones
6) Jeff Buckley

9) Freddie Mercury
10) Robert Johnson

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 13:37:32

7) Ian Curtis perhaps? (though not strictly true if it is!!)

King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 13:37:46


Originally posted by Mr. Bas

5. Keith Moon

apparently an OD/choked on vomit

King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 13:38:08


Originally posted by Gramercy Riffs
7) Ian Curtis perhaps? (though not strictly true if it is!!)
Yep :D

King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 13:39:07

That just leaves:

4) Death by masturbation


8) AIDS/Pneumonia #1

Scabrous Birdseed 07-03-2007 13:52:06

#4 is surely Michael Hutchence

#8 could be Divine or Sylvester basically any other gay musician of the eighties.

King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 13:55:31

correct on #4.

You might be right on the AIDS point. I'll give a clue, this was the most famous first death by this method for this musician's genre.

King_Ghidra 07-03-2007 13:59:54

oh and it was a hetero artist too

Gramercy Riffs 07-03-2007 14:45:51

Eazy E

Scabrous Birdseed 07-03-2007 14:53:25

Oh yeah.

Okay, I'll give you a few more deaths to ponder, somewhat more tricky ones among them:

#11 - Shot by a hotel manager while drunkenly chasing after one-night-stand.

#12 - Sudden heart failure fueled by alcohol, morphine and vitamin B12, unnoticed for six hours.

#13 - Brain failure after nine years in coma.

#14 - Plane crash, two years after barely surviving car crash.

#15 - Brain tumor brought on by domestic abuse.

#16 - Overdose of antidepressant medication.

#17 - Playing Russian Roulette.

#18 - Hanged himself in the garden shed in a direct reflection of bandmate's death eight years before.

#19 - Tsunami.

#20 - Shot by little brother in jealous murder-suicide.

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