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Scabrous Birdseed 17-01-2007 20:17:37

Free Game of the Week - Sobics
Diverting, original game in the "increasing rows of stuff coming from above" genre. I like the gameplay mechanic.

Koyaanisqatsi 18-01-2007 00:29:13

:bounce: :bounce:

KrazyHorse 18-01-2007 09:42:27

Can't make it past lvl 15

MoSe 19-01-2007 15:47:41


Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
original game in the "increasing rows of stuff coming from above" genre.
this was the original pilot game in that genre

JM^3 19-01-2007 19:00:35

Do you know how terrible this game is for colorblind people. I was on level 11 and kept moving stacks to colors that weren't right and closed it in frustration.


Koyaanisqatsi 19-01-2007 21:26:28

I tend to stall out around 17-18. At that point there's too many unmovable bricks that inevitably end up at the bottom and I can't do anything more.

Yeah, I can see this sucking if you're colorblind. I have enough trouble distinguishing the colors and I'm not.

Centara Fugue 19-01-2007 21:44:16

Are there any "get things of the same color together to get rid of them" games that don't suck for colorblind people?

Most games in the puzzle genre are of this type. Original tetris is not, but I am having trouble thinking of any other games in the puzzle genre that don't depend on colors.

If the colors are chosen carefully, I suppose all those games would be just fine for colorblind people, but I wonder what they'd look like to the rest of us.

For me, red looks nothing like green, but I'm with Koy on some of the colors in that one... the gold and the yellow are pretty close (I have the same complaint with bust a move for the SNES - dang it can't they pick something other than gold and yellow?)

KrazyHorse 20-01-2007 03:11:37

I got to lvl 30 and then quit out of boredom. It stops getting harder long before that.

Scabrous Birdseed 20-01-2007 08:22:57

Sorry - needless to say I never got that far myself.

KrazyHorse 20-01-2007 10:00:57

Don't be sorry. It took a couple of hours of playing to become proficient enough to get to that point. Fun game until then.

Skanky Burns 20-01-2007 11:44:41

I got up to 56 on my first game and quit out of boredom. Using dynamite on the bricks prevents them from moving down.

RedFred 08-02-2007 15:36:11

Agreed withK Skanky and Krazy. Got to level 70 and quit because my finger was starting to hurt.

Great game idea though! Too bad it wasn't more progressive/difficult at the higher levels. After level 3 it seems to be entirely random - some are harder some are easier depending on the brick/block/dynamite layout you get.

MoSe 14-02-2007 11:26:10


Originally posted by KrazyHorse
It took a couple of hours of playing to become proficient enough to get to that point.
1st attempt 456,800 Lev 19

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