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Funko 15-12-2006 10:20:47

New Ultramagnetic MCs album, coming 2007

:eek: :beer:

King_Ghidra 15-12-2006 10:29:14

here's hoping it's good!

Nills Lagerbaak 15-12-2006 10:31:01

Well - I heard the new Dr. Octagon album is as good as the first! Anyone heard it?

Looking forward to the Ultras...

Funko 15-12-2006 10:32:38

I didn't know it was out. Will have to get that.

Nills Lagerbaak 15-12-2006 10:34:23

Nills Lagerbaak 15-12-2006 10:38:42

It sounds wicked!

"Our operators are masturbating right now, but your call has been placed in a bucket of stomach fluid and will be attended by a double-talking robot approximately 7,000 years from now,"

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