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Diss 19-04-2006 20:32:27

New Tool album coming soon!!
They are coming to the joint (in Las Vegas) soon too. But those tickets will probably be hundreds of dollars. I can get my friend to cover my shift at work probably. But that will cost me to lose a couple hundred dollars in lost wages. Not to mention a couple hundred dollars for the tickets at least. That's a little steep for me. though I desperately want to see them headline a concert.

I saw them only once back at Lollapallooza back in Virginia. But they weren't the headliners, Korn was. Even though imho Tool is 50 times better than Korn. Oh well.

The first single is already getting radio airplay. The beginning sounds a little bit like schizm, but the song picks up in the middle and end. Sounds pretty good. My life has meaning again. :)

Debaser@work 20-04-2006 00:58:35

I saw a very funny video of Maynard Whatsit's old pre-Tool band on YouTube the other day. I think it was linked from, but I can't find the link on there now. They were really shit though.

Immortal Wombat 20-04-2006 09:57:10

this one?

Debaser 20-04-2006 10:14:07

Yup, exactly that one.

King_Ghidra 20-04-2006 10:40:18

nice leotard

self biased 20-04-2006 13:35:49

funny how that song has more conviction and impetus behind it that at least a full third of anything i hear on the radio.

Funko 20-04-2006 13:45:56

You can't really defend it... it has a funk bass solo.

Nills Lagerbaak 20-04-2006 13:52:53

That by definition makes a song brilliant. Got to get those bass players doing something.

self biased 03-05-2006 14:45:52

so who's heard the album?

Mr. Bas 03-05-2006 15:16:42

Got it this morning, but I haven't really had much time to listen to it yet. Plus, Tool albums require at least a few listens in order to appreciate them properly. I'll give it a few spins in the next couple of days.

BigGameHunter 07-05-2006 06:24:04

I've got it. It's good but I think I like their earlier stuff better...a little harder and not trying to be so cerebral.

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