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Nav 12-03-2006 23:06:53

Galciv 2 review
Thanks to Chris for submitting the review and Darkstar for doing some screenshots!

Chris 12-03-2006 23:50:21

There is a mistake in the second para, I wrote form instead of from.

MoSe 13-03-2006 13:21:59

(last sentence in 3rd-to-last paragraph)

Techs effect combat defense and offense and large planets are harder to take then small ones.
tsk, tsk, tsk...

HelloKitty 14-03-2006 03:02:51

There was also a PLAT instead of a PLAY.

I saw it yesterday but didn't realize we were going to be bastards. Thanks for leading the way MoSe.


Darkstar 14-03-2006 04:55:12

MoSe always lead the way!

Chris 14-03-2006 13:52:32

I just write them, not edit them.

MoSe 14-03-2006 14:24:07

hey, you started mentioning a typo yourself, I thought to be helpful :coolgrin:

anyway, my 1998 PC doesn't even meet this game's low requirements, so...

Fistandantilus 14-03-2006 14:28:15

time to buy a new one!

Chris 14-03-2006 15:12:07


Originally posted by MoSe
hey, you started mentioning a typo yourself, I thought to be helpful :coolgrin:

anyway, my 1998 PC doesn't even meet this game's low requirements, so...

I don't mind, those things always creep into reviews.

Lazarus and the Gimp 18-03-2006 10:24:38

How muscly does a PC have to be to run it?

Chris 18-03-2006 11:17:47

Not to bad, it does require that your drivers be up to date, outside of that it.

Minimum specs:

Win 98
Pentium 3
256 mb RAM, 32MB Direct X9.0c video card min.

Recomended specs:

Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz

512mb RAM 128MB Direct X 9.0c vid card

It will lag badly at the minimum requirements.

Deacon 19-03-2006 08:21:35

I have a Radeon 9000. The graphics were fine, though it felt like the framrerate throttling was active. So far, Small is the largest galaxy size I've played.

The Mad Monk 10-07-2006 18:52:30

X-Play gave it 5 out of 5 stars. :)

I played a huge galaxy. It was all over but the shouting within three game years (about 144 turns).

It's a good game, but it suffers in that even huge galaxies get very small very quickly, and you can pretty much guess the outcome as soon as the exploration phase is over. I think a major part of the problem is that you can grow populations rediculously quickly (5 billion on one world to 2.1 trillion empire-wide in three game years? The hell?), and can move populations around to emptier worlds with relative ease (500 million colonists at 2 parsecs/ turn to start, toward the end I was building huge hulled transports that could move 8 billion at 29 parsecs/turn).

Still, it's a fun game, but now I'm trying to figure out a mod that will douse the population problems. To the point where colonies start off tiny and remain that way for years instead of months.

Nav 12-07-2006 12:18:39

Or maybe look at it the other way around. Just make the each turn equal a month or year rather than a week. Would keep the play balanced.

I got this last week. Haven't had that much time to play it, have spent most of my time designing all manner of multifinned OTT ships (and have just unlocked huge ships in my first game).

Resource Consumer 17-07-2006 11:59:08

I've got it but still haven't had time to play it

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