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Tizzy 10-01-2006 12:42:10

I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky Barbarians :)

Funko 10-01-2006 12:43:21

I still own four lovely Barbarian cities. :D Bargain.

Tizzy 10-01-2006 12:44:54

I wanna go home and play now :cry:

Chris 10-01-2006 16:32:42

Told ya, the game is pretty damn good.

Played it on the earth scenario, was difficult but fun.

The lag in the game appears to be all the animations in the late game, I found if I turned that stuff off I can play with max civs even with my 2 year old PC.

Funko 10-01-2006 17:10:20

Yeah, it is really a lot of fun. Not sure about having to actually think to play it though. :D

Chris 10-01-2006 17:36:51

The religion thing is easy.

If you discover a religion first, and see the _________ is discovered in __________ animation, that city can have a special religious wonder built.

For example, you discover Christianity, in the city named, if you send a great religious person, you can use him to construct 'The church of the nativity.'

Each religion has a wonder, they spread religion, and add to culture.

It you build the spiral minaret, all religious buildings of your state religion will produce coins.

You might be better off staying pagen until you have decent money, there is no upkeep at pagen.

HelloKitty 10-01-2006 19:41:58

If you want to be the biggest financial power in the game play as a religous power and make a run for as many as you ca. Spread the hell out of them and and then set up the holy cities.

Addison3269 26-01-2006 19:22:36

Getting it

Originally posted by Chris
Its a good game, some nice maps and scenarios should make it even better.

Venom 26-01-2006 19:38:22

This Addison fellow is a wise and fair man.

Caligastia 20-09-2006 20:03:37

Does it take as long to get through a game as it did in CivII?

Chris 20-09-2006 21:42:02

No, you can finish it in under 6 hours or less.

Funko 21-09-2006 09:00:11

I've won on epic speed in 4 hours, and a conquest on marathon in under 6 hours.

Fistandantilus 21-09-2006 09:53:14

Standard size map? Either I micromanage too much or I'm slow :(

Tizzy 21-09-2006 10:03:24

I usually play either standard or large maps on epic. Funko gets frustrated with how slowly I play but even with that my games usually take around 7 hours.

Nav 21-09-2006 10:08:44

Do you have a rota for the PC then, or do you fight for it each night?! ;)

Tizzy 21-09-2006 10:16:56

Every weekend we have a "discussion" about whose turn it is, usually involving the phrases "it's my computer" and "but it's my game" :D

JM^3 21-09-2006 10:37:02

I am disappointed that said discussion doesn't include boots..


Funko 21-09-2006 11:47:10


Originally posted by Fistandantilus
Standard size map? Either I micromanage too much or I'm slow :(
The marathon win was on a small map.

I am really bad at micromanaging which is why I'm struggling with monarch.

Caligastia 21-09-2006 16:35:23


Originally posted by Chris
No, you can finish it in under 6 hours or less.
I'm buying it then.:)

I may have to turn off some of the fancy stuff though. My hardware specs are only just over what is recommended for the game.

JM^3 21-09-2006 16:46:16

Mine are below and it plays fine on Standard or Smaller maps.

Jon Miller
(OK, poor late game Standard.. but what do you expect?)

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm 21-09-2006 16:55:28


Originally posted by Funko
I've won on epic speed in 4 hours, and a conquest on marathon in under 6 hours.
Ha, well, we'll have to see how you stack up against my port of Civ to the ultimate in gaming environments, Microsoft Excel!

No, this is not a joke. It's about 10% complete right now, one week into the project. Fun as hell, too.

Chris 21-09-2006 17:05:54


Originally posted by Caligastia
I'm buying it then.:)

I may have to turn off some of the fancy stuff though. My hardware specs are only just over what is recommended for the game.

Play on small maps and you don't have to cut anything, the lag comes late in the game with many cities and units all being animated.

Caligastia 21-09-2006 17:56:01

That'll be good for the first couple of learning games, but I'll want to play on large maps at some point. When that time comes I'll turn some things off.

Chris 25-09-2006 01:00:15

Get it and we can MP Rich, its a lot of fun.

Caligastia 25-09-2006 16:20:43

I plan on getting it. The wifey is going on a week-long business trip sometime in November, so I'll be able to spend some decent time on it then.

Caligastia 26-09-2006 18:14:54

Ok, I just bought it. I'll load it up tonight when I get home. Woohoo!:bounce:

Tizzy 27-09-2006 08:21:23

Say goodbye to your life as you know it :D

Caligastia 27-09-2006 16:20:47

I managed to cut myself off after a couple of hours last night. I'll be ok..;)

Funko 02-10-2006 10:03:02

Got my first win on Monarch at the weekend.

I wanted a quick game and something a bit easier than normal, (I'm really getting my arse kicked on Monarch) so I went for a tiny map with 2 other civs. Random leader turned up Augustus Ceasar! AHA! Never played the Romans before :eek: (unlucky randomness) anyway, despite forgetting for a while that I had Praetorians and not beelining for iron like I should have... I soon found out why people say the Praetorians are overpowered, I managed a domination victory in like 1400 ad and my Praetorians had been useful from ancient times right up until the end when the enemy had musketmen and knights. I got my highest ever score, 64k or so.

I'm really enjoying playing on small maps with few civs. I find the end game a bit boring and on tiny/small maps it's usually all over by the time you get cavalry.

Tau Ceti 02-10-2006 11:55:53

Militarily, the medieval is clearly the most interesting period, being the only one (along with classical to some extent) where there is real variety in unit selection. Particularly good is the presence of units that are quite weak against everything except their preferred targets, which are among the strongest in general (crossbowmen vs. macemen and pikemen vs. knights). Later in the game there is pretty much only one unit per role.

Praetorians will beat anything except axemen fortified in cities or on good defensive terrain, making them pretty untouchable; the first reliable counter comes with crossbowmen at Machinery, which can hardly be rushed to. The AIs usually don't build many axemen, making conquest rather easy unless you go up against walled cities on hills. But even a human player would struggle, as you can't go on the offensive against Praetorians; you have to wait until they die by attacking you. Giving them strength 7 and keeping the usual swordsman 10% city attack bonus (which Praetorians do not get) might be more balanced.

Augustus is an early game expansion monster too, and turns into a mid-game assimilation monster with cheap theatres and courthouses.

I am getting a decent win percentage at Emperor now, but it is highly dependent on starting location. Get a gold mine at your capital and you are set. Being a builder, I still enjoy life in splendid isolation on my Snaky Continents.

Funko 02-10-2006 12:03:15

I found the step up to prince just as daunting as the step up from prince to monarch, so hopefully I'll adjust. I'm just way too sloppy and don't micro enough.

My main problem on monarch is the massive jump in maintenance costs. Organised just becomes a better and better trait the further you go. I'm also really coming to appreciate Creative on the higher difficulties, and especially on marathon. Now the cost in terms of lost military/useful production of building a monument/library/theatre in a captured city is really painful. Spiritual is another one that is massively more useful at the higher difficulties.

I think I'll stick to random leaders though.

Tau Ceti 02-10-2006 12:44:18

Do you ever actually build those culture generators in captured cities? I tend to slave them in on the first turn after the city comes out of revolt. Usually there are 4-6 unhappy citizens and widespread starvation anyway, so there is no real loss.

Yes, organised really shines at high difficulties. On Emperor you start going bankrupt after your fourth city. The double impact of lower civic upkeep and cheap courthouses is huge. With Augustus I suspect (never having been dealt him to try) that you can almost keep up with the computer players' expansion.

Does anarchy time depend on difficulty level? I have not noticed it much, but then I never played lower than Prince, and only there for a few games. It seems rather similar between Monarch and Emperor, though the time was increased between 1.52 and 1.61. And losing two turns for making two civic changes does indeed hurt.

Funko 02-10-2006 12:51:52

I am really terrible at sending defensive units with my attacking forces. It's a major weakness, especially in the medieval ages when you actually need to send them. So normally I whip longbowmen or something. There are also times when I'm not running slavery and haven't got to Universal Sufferage, although that's quite rare these days. Once I've capured 2 cities, I've got no archers left and have to start garrisoning with attacking units so my attack slows down.

Anarchy might depend on gamespeed. On marathon/monarch you can lose 3 turns just changing one civic. I've lost 5 turns on 2 civic changes.

Tau Ceti 02-10-2006 13:02:51

I have the same problem. :lol: The trouble is that each longbowman means one less maceman (well, 5/8ths of a maceman) or trebuchet built, or additional time your enemy goes unmolested. I have taken to building the attack force first, then switching to longbowmen after war is declared and sending them as a trickle of reinforcements. It means my initial attacking stack needs to take very few losses, but with trebuchets that is usually possible. It was not with catapults.

Anarchy certainly depends on game speed, but I would not expect it to be relatively worse - if anything, losing three turns on marathon should hurt less than losing one turn on standard (or quick!). Though I only play standard speed...

Funko 02-10-2006 13:07:16

Unit production is relatively faster on marathon, so if you are fighting/preparing for war, the anarchy can be really painful. If you're in a building phase, it's less so. Standard is definitely better for builders, but if you like a fight, marathon all the way!

Funko 02-10-2006 13:45:10

BTW, you might be interested in this. Blake (at the other place) has been making some AI improvements with the SDK, I haven't installed it as a mod yet (at the moment it's Vanilla only), but I'm watching what he's doing with great interest and looking forward to the warlords version:

http://that incredibly nerdy civ

Caligastia 02-10-2006 14:51:18


Originally posted by Funko
I soon found out why people say the Praetorians are overpowered
I discovered the same yesterday. They kick major ass. I'm well on the way to dominating my continent.

Tau Ceti 02-10-2006 15:24:34


Originally posted by Funko
BTW, you might be interested in this.
Yes, I have been looking at it. Quite interesting, but I liked the early stuff better than what he seems to be doing now. I am mostly convinced his city placement algorithm is an improvement, although it may lead to the founding of some rather poor cities - one clam is not in itself enough for a decent city. The newer stuff is about changing things to make the AIs play in his style - and he has somewhat bombastic opinions. But it is certainly an interesting experiment.

Funko 02-10-2006 15:29:16

Yes, it's good to see people actually using the SDK for real improvements. The city placement one was certainly very interesting. The AI regularly whipping out units to help defend would make life harder!

Funko 01-11-2006 15:59:41

Patch for warlords released, includes some of Blake's AI improvements as mentioned above as well as many gameplay improvements and nerfing of a lot of popular exploits eg. Civil Service slingshot.

Funko 01-11-2006 16:00:04

Fix List:
http://that incredibly nerdy civ

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