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Lurker 05-04-2005 19:58:58

The Baltimore Orioles
Clearly the best team in baseball. They haven't given up a single run this year. Nope, not one. At this rate, they won't give up a single run all year and they'll never lose a game.

Japher 05-04-2005 20:05:04

Too bad there are 188ish games in a season, and that was just the first one... Too bad for the As too, the will have to be embaressed another 180ish times.

Venom 05-04-2005 20:26:39

188? Not for Baltimore. They'll be lucky to even get to the regular 162.

Lurker 05-04-2005 20:30:15

You gotta give Japher credit. Not many people could outstupid me, particularly when I'm trying to be stupid.

MDA 05-04-2005 20:34:28

Go Nationals!?

Oerdin 05-04-2005 20:54:23

Here we go Padres, here we go!

Darkstar 05-04-2005 21:00:52

I thought baseball's primary purpose was to give people somewhere to go and get drunk in public outside, when the weather was nice. That's all I've ever seen really going on when I've gone to a game.

Greg W 06-04-2005 01:08:11

SPORT Fourm!

Japher 06-04-2005 01:59:08


You gotta give Japher credit. Not many people could outstupid me, particularly when I'm trying to be stupid.
Thank you.

Lurker 07-04-2005 14:11:58

My initial scientific analysis seems to have been off a bit. It now appears the Baltimore Orioles will win exactly half of their games. Unless, of course, the first game was an aberration, in which case they will never score another run and never win another game.

Funko 07-04-2005 14:36:34

Are they named after that freaky biscuit/cookie?

Venom 07-04-2005 14:39:47

Yes, they got the name when baseball was desegregated.

Funko 07-04-2005 14:42:29


(I can't remember what an Oriole looke like)

Venom 07-04-2005 14:44:42

I was making an Oreo cookie joke.

Fistandantilus 07-04-2005 14:46:43

Too bad nobody got it.

Funko 07-04-2005 14:46:50

Ah. Oreo.

In that case:

(I can't remember what an Oreo looks like)

But I still don't get yours.

zmama 07-04-2005 14:47:14

Oriole=a pretty orange and black song bird

Oreo is a cookie and derrogatory (sp?)slang for black on the outside...white on the inside

Funko 07-04-2005 14:48:25

Ah, are they those chocolate biscuit sandwich with white goo in the middle? I remember now.

zmama 07-04-2005 14:49:36


Fistandantilus 07-04-2005 14:52:01

Venom 07-04-2005 14:52:16

And when baseball was desegregated, black players joined white players forming Oreo teams. The Orioles took advantage of that.

And now my joke is ruined.

Lurker 07-04-2005 14:54:11

That's an interesting bit of history there. You learn something new every day. Thank you, I'm a better person now.

zmama 07-04-2005 14:54:15


Venom 07-04-2005 14:58:23

I think I'm being too clever for everyone again.

Lurker 07-04-2005 14:59:18

Occupational hazard around here.

King_Ghidra 07-04-2005 15:14:07


Originally posted by Lurker
Thank you, I'm a bitter person now.

Chris 07-04-2005 18:24:54


Originally posted by Venom
I think I'm being too clever for everyone again.
Yes...yes you are.

Japher 07-04-2005 19:57:47

I'm sooooooooooo lost

Darkstar 07-04-2005 23:25:58

Then you've come to the right place. Being lost around here helps!

Lurker 08-04-2005 15:22:18

Looks like my second prediction was right on the money, with the exception that they did score another run. Presumably it was unearned and the result of pity on the part of the opposition players.

Venom 08-04-2005 15:32:29

So they're actually the worst team in the league.

Drekkus 08-04-2005 16:33:58

Didn't we ban american sports threads here some time ago?

Funko 08-04-2005 16:34:30

It's not about sport it's about baseball.

zmama 08-04-2005 16:36:21

Lurker doesn't know how to find the sports forum

King_Ghidra 08-04-2005 16:38:10

left at alberquerque

Venom 08-04-2005 17:50:47

That's a funny word.

Lurker 08-04-2005 18:22:34

I know how to find the sports forum. The Baltimore Orioles stopped being sport about five years ago.

Chris 08-04-2005 19:33:44

How sporting of you to say that.

Deacon 09-04-2005 07:22:43

Sammy Sosa is the Orioles' problem now. :)

jsorense 09-04-2005 08:54:32


Originally posted by Deacon
Sammy Sosa is the Orioles' problem now. :)
Yes, yes he is.

Greg W 09-04-2005 09:14:36

X-fear. :shoot:

jsorense 09-04-2005 09:50:19

News Flash: Australian bus driver goes postal, again.

Lurker 12-04-2005 20:10:28

Discerning a pattern has been quite frustrating. It no longer appears safe to say that the Baltmiore Orioles will either win or lose all the rest of their games, because sometimes they win and sometimes they lose. They did manage, however, to win two out of three games from the evil New York Yankees over the weekend. And since many, if not most people picked the Yankees to be the best team in baseball this year, one can fairly surmise that the Baltimore Orioles must now be the best team instead -- perhaps even twice as good.

This is wonderful news for Brooks Robinson fans.

Venom 12-04-2005 20:12:13

What about Cal Ripkin fans?

Japher 12-04-2005 20:17:14

They're all dead, just like that geizer should be.

Putting Jr. at the end of your name doesn't make you any younger!

Lurker 12-04-2005 20:24:23


Originally posted by Venom
What about Cal Ripkin fans?
I would venture to say almost all Cal Ripken fans are also Brooks Robinson fans.

MDA 12-04-2005 20:51:05

Oreo could also be mixed race.

Venom 12-04-2005 21:16:40

Holy shit. A 3 day x-post 100-0. Nicely played.

Drekkus 12-04-2005 23:06:00


Oerdin 13-04-2005 02:52:08

I'm surprised the Padres are doing so well. Normally, by the time game 7 is played they'd be 0 and 7 but they're actually 4-3. Strange things are a foot.

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