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MDA 10-03-2005 13:25:33

Just waiting for it to arrive.

Was it a good idea to order the manual? Seemed like I could waste 10 dollars in printer ink doing it myself, and I don't like Alt-tabbing back and forth from game to manual. Its huge.

Venom 10-03-2005 13:39:38

It's a nice, thick manual and it's worth it to have so you can kick back and read up on things during some of the slower parts of the the game. Like when you're on a drift and you're waiting for the autocrew to pick up a contact.

King_Ghidra 10-03-2005 13:51:00

this is the thread that finally proved what an incredible nerd you are venom

Venom 10-03-2005 14:07:57

This thread? Not any of the other ones in the tech forum?

Of course I'm a nerd. Only a nerd could be so angry.

King_Ghidra 10-03-2005 14:44:33

the tech forum doesn't count, everyone can unleash their secret nerd in there

Venom 10-03-2005 14:58:25

I'm a nerd when it comes to weapons platforms.

MDA 13-03-2005 12:47:40

Finished the 1st campaign mission yesterday. Still not sure how. I just cruised into the thick of things at periscope depth and identified as much as I could with passive narrowband and periscope photos.

The first two times I did nearly the same thing but got "mission over/can't be completed" messages.

The voice recognition is cool, but it has a really tough time recognizing raise/lower the periscope commands.

Can't wait to blow something up.

Beta1 13-03-2005 17:51:23

it gets going a bit past the 3rd mission and the final few are quite mad.

One of them its best to just keep your head down and hope noone sends a sunburn your way...

MDA 13-03-2005 19:21:36

Almost finished the second mission - I was counterdetected, but they seem to have lost track of me. All I have left to do is get out.

There's something patrolling the harbor mouth pinging away merrily. Should be interesting.

Beta1 14-03-2005 09:22:18

LOL the final mission is great (well as a sub it is). Intercepting troops ships leaving a harbour. They have to pass between two islands in shallow water so I drove my 688i in behind one of the islands so I could see the harbour and get the course of the leaving ships before they went behind the island. Then I just sent wire guided torps out set to run slow and shallow so they wouldnt be detected and then to wait circling on passive in the straight. Picked up three troops ships without having to move. Thought about trying it again and deploying some SLMMs across the straight... Also fired one so it drove up the straight, made a left turn then went active and snaked up the harbour entrance. Didnt get a troop ship - it found a song class sub that was trying to find me.

Now I just have to get a good fix on the harbour buildings and cruise missile the place to peices.

One thing I dont get is that if they want me to tomahawk the place why dont they give me decent satelite images to get the targetting from so I can fire them from safety and use the missiles standoff range. Instead apparently I have to drive to within periscope range, triangulate the buildings then hit them from a position 10miles off shore. Thats a good use of a long range missile...

MDA 14-03-2005 12:46:00

Sonar just got a lot easier- I discovered (accidentally :bash: ) that turning off the autocrew at the sonar station would allow me all the time I wanted to listen down a particular bearing, instead of beginning to cycle through the compass two seconds after I click where I want to listen.

I thought autocrew turned off automatically when you were at a station. Then I noticed the icon in the upper left hand corner and clicked on it. Geenyus!

My AI sonarman does have supernatural powers of detection, but his identification skills are horrible.

Beta1 14-03-2005 13:13:59

yep, Actually I'm not sure he even bothers, just stick on the first thing that comes up on the filter. Even if it makes no sense at all.

Venom 14-03-2005 13:25:11

When he says fishing boat, I know it's a sub. He loves the damn fishing boats.

MDA 14-03-2005 13:30:39

One of the civilian craft he identified, I took a closer look at.

Torpedo. I had to force him to drop the track and classify it myself when it came up again.

Beta1 14-03-2005 13:34:35

lol never seen that one - venoms right about the fishing boat though. Almost worth sending out a torpedo with a 20ft ceiling on it just in case!

Now I only let the AI handle TMA and sonar intercepts. If you let the autocrew loose with the ESM system it just clutters the entire map up with every contact going. Annoying when you just stuck the mast up to try and classifiy one contact by its radar profile.

MDA 15-03-2005 13:20:02

Hah. Scratch two american subs. The Akula has soooo many fun weapons. I'm going to go back and play with the supercavitating torpedo just for fun.

The Helo is hard. I flew it into the oil rig at about 10-15 knots. I guess shouldn't use waypoints for that.

Beta1 15-03-2005 13:26:50

LOL I had the opposite problem - the autocrew kept placing the oil rig about 200yds off on the navmap so I would fly there and find it was behind me. You would have thought they could get the position of a 200ft oil rig right when they are that close... In the end I just used the course/speed settings until I got the acknoldegement.

Venom 15-03-2005 14:59:05

I love the Helo, it's like the only platform I'm good at.

Beta1 15-03-2005 16:12:47

yeak its my favourite too. Maybe we should go and hunt MDAs akula...

Venom 15-03-2005 17:04:57

The only thing I hate about the helo is not having the ability to create a Master contact. The Nav display can get seriously fucked up with all those lines from buoys designating the same target.

MDA 15-03-2005 17:57:10

I actually prefer the passive display on the Akula over the 688. I like the way the actual contact frequencies get sandwiched in the library references.

Sonobuoys and dipping sonar are really, really useful, though. I located something bad yesterday with a buoy, but before I could figure out how to kill it, one of my other ships did it for me. They must pick up my contacts on the link. Helos go faster than subs, too.

MDA 17-03-2005 10:53:47

some contacts seem to go straight up the chain and others have to be promoted - is it a confidence thing or is it all my imagination?

finished North Korea last night and it locked up my entire system when I hit fast forward on the replay. I actually had to reboot.

Venom 17-03-2005 13:04:42

The replay system has a lot of problems I think.

MDA 17-03-2005 13:25:24

Guess so. When I turn on "truth" in replay it puts 5 different adjacent locations for the same units.

Venom 17-03-2005 13:59:10

It's not an entirely unbuggy game. I've seen some weird shit.

Beta1 18-03-2005 18:00:04


Originally posted by MDA
I actually prefer the passive display on the Akula over the 688. I like the way the actual contact frequencies get sandwiched in the library references.

Sonobuoys and dipping sonar are really, really useful, though. I located something bad yesterday with a buoy, but before I could figure out how to kill it, one of my other ships did it for me. They must pick up my contacts on the link. Helos go faster than subs, too.

If your MH60 has a FFG7 as a base the FFG can see the output of your sonobouys so it would probably spot the target even if you didnt "promote to link"

MDA 18-03-2005 18:33:29

Yeah, the campaign mission I think that happened in was the "resupply the oil rig with shoulder SAMs" one. There's an FFG to refuel at in it.

Its hard to believe, but I sometimes think the manual should have more info in it.

If you stay focused on your objectives, a lot of these missions can be finished VERY quickly. I tend to cruise around a lot randomly blowing up extra enemies after I've completed my objectives.

MDA 24-03-2005 15:00:13

OK, I'll be the first to admit sinking myself with my own torpedo.

I was attacking a target about 10k away and I let the torpedo run 6 or 7k and turned it loose.

I had the preset to "circle" search - I was leading my target (a little too much) as it moved east, it hadn't acquired and went into search mode when I cut the wire. The torpedo circled to the east, away from the intended target, then the south, acquired me, and eventually ran me down, ignoring my countermeasures.

I guess I need to be more careful about how I lead an east/west moving target.

After reloading I let the autocrew fire on it instead. Same result. :bash:

Funko 24-03-2005 16:21:27


Venom 24-03-2005 17:55:20

I really wish this game had better graphics.

MDA 24-03-2005 18:04:38

That would be a screenshot worth keeping.

MDA 15-04-2005 17:51:45

My CTD's with this game seem to have gotten more frequent.

If you navigate between the different stations too quickly, can it gag the computer?

Venom 15-04-2005 18:36:36

I haven't noticed that, but I really haven't been playing that much. I've been spending a lot of time playing what I consider to be a far better sim; Silent Hunter 3.

Beta1 15-04-2005 20:11:45

Not had any CTDs since upgrading to a GF6600GT.

Havnt had a go on Silent hunter 3 yet.You planning a review?

Venom 15-04-2005 20:53:58

I'm thinking about reviewing it. Great game though. Tons of minor bugs that still somehow manage not to ruin it.

Beta1 15-04-2005 21:04:49

lol maybe I'll wait a couple for a patch or two then.

Venom 15-04-2005 21:30:51

Two out already. A third on the way. And graphics problems with all Nvidia cards (related to the drivers, not the game) in a certain screen on the game. So yeah. Take your time.

One great thing about the game is how easily it's moddable. Almost everything is in regular text files that any idiot can figure out how to change. I expect good things from the mod community on this one.

jsorense 16-04-2005 13:46:41

An optomistic Venom? Who are you really and how did you get Venom's password?

Venom 16-04-2005 14:12:35

Yeah. I'm never optimistic about good games.

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