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protein 03-02-2005 00:30:58

oh my god
we were on pirate radio tonight. we had to wear balaclavas back to front there so we didn't know the secret location.

unfortunately on the way back after we had drunk the five bottles of wine and about ten beers and we were wearing the balaclavas in a car on the way back the police decided to stop us.

imagine the scene. a driver who doesn't know the names of the blindfolded passengers in the car and the passengers don't know where the hell they are or what is happening.

rock and mutherfucking roll. :beer:

The Mad Monk 03-02-2005 00:32:28

You have no God.

Lurker 03-02-2005 00:32:51

Who are you, Jon Miller?

Immortal Wombat 03-02-2005 00:41:22


protein 03-02-2005 00:44:08

I have no ideas who I am.

There will be photos at some point. photos that will scare those of a nervous disposition.

Oerdin 03-02-2005 00:44:19

So what eventually happened?

zmama 03-02-2005 00:45:06

They killed him

Lurker 03-02-2005 00:49:42

But he's not dead.

zmama 03-02-2005 00:50:40

The ghost of Protein haunts us

Lurker 03-02-2005 00:51:53

Oh, not just us.

protein 03-02-2005 00:55:07

In the end the police stop was outside my house, now I'm in the house and everything is okay

zmama 03-02-2005 00:56:17

Can you walk through doors?

protein 03-02-2005 01:03:43

It seems I can easily unlock and safely walk through doors.

MDA 03-02-2005 02:44:46

You're leaving a slime trail, but that proves nothing.

Japher 03-02-2005 06:26:07

When you are on pirate radio do you arrrrrrrr! alot?

miester gandertak 03-02-2005 07:44:11

Did you saw a parrot?

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