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King_Ghidra 02-02-2005 15:51:09

So, is the pope a catholic then?

Dyl Ulenspiegel 02-02-2005 16:04:34

The pope is not catholic at all.

Rodgers 02-02-2005 16:12:17

Last I heard he was worshipping a giant shitting Cardinal with a back hair problem

MOBIUS 02-02-2005 16:17:32

Does the Pope shit in the woods?:hmm:

Tizzy 02-02-2005 16:18:54

And if he does it when no-one's around does it make a sound?

MDA 02-02-2005 16:20:15

this thread stinks

zmama 02-02-2005 16:23:23

Lurker hasn't posted in it yet

MDA 02-02-2005 16:25:44

Do we blame the bear or the Pope then?

Tizzy 02-02-2005 16:27:09

Blame Canada

Eklektikos 02-02-2005 16:54:08


Originally posted by MOBIUS
Does the Pope shit in the woods?:hmm:
Or, more to the point, do catholics give bears the shits?

Funkodrom 02-02-2005 16:57:34

If the pope eats a catholic then shits in the woods and a one handed clapping bear falls out of a tree onto him, does he make a sound?

Rodgers 02-02-2005 16:58:30

It depends how many angels are dancing on the head of the bear at the time

Lazarus and the Gimp 02-02-2005 17:46:14

Mel Gibson thinks the Pope isn't Catholic.

Japher 02-02-2005 17:49:44

Mel Gibson is crazy, or should I say... Mad?

MDA 02-02-2005 17:51:18

You really shouldn't. :)

Japher 02-02-2005 17:52:33

Ok, I won't...

Mel Gibson is really rich though, so I think what ever he says would be like god saying it.. shitting bear and all

miester gandertak 02-02-2005 18:00:06


MDA 02-02-2005 18:05:48

Bubba Poehoep?

zmama 02-02-2005 19:05:36



Funkodrom 03-02-2005 09:13:54

Yeah, it is a great film. As good as it should be.

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