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Nills Lagerbaak 19-01-2005 16:21:49


Originally posted by Funkodrom
You should use the toilet dude!

Rebus are playing the catapult club on friday.

In the chamber pot man! I ain't no animal....

Club Cavort seems to be a new monthly thing. I went a couple of months ago, can't remember how the format was different, maybe more "dancy" bands. Who're playing with youse?

protein 19-01-2005 16:29:33


oh btw, I got the stool. It was near your silk spotty boxers.

Funkodrom 19-01-2005 16:30:47


Nills Lagerbaak 19-01-2005 17:11:40


they were a novelty christmas pressie from someone! I had to wear them whn I came back to reading with no spare clothes!!

protein 19-01-2005 17:27:07

They smelled nice.

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