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protein 10-09-2004 19:21:27

Pictures of my new set up
For those of you sad enough to be interested.

Control room

Live room

Lazarus and the Gimp 10-09-2004 19:24:32

Nice. Do the neighbours bang on the walls much?

protein 10-09-2004 21:34:10

Well, that's the point of the live room, I spent quite a bit of money on sealing the window and putting a double door in. That keeps most of the sound in and as a bi product makes recording alot easier because I have control over the sound from a different room.

I just need to stop the sound from travelling downwards through the floorboards. Only that would cost a fair bit of money and it's a rented house.

BigGameHunter 10-09-2004 21:42:09

Why don't you just put down some egg crate and lay a board over it? Sure, really tall musicians will loathe the room, but what price art?

protein 10-09-2004 23:05:20

Because sound will escape through any hole and travel through things like acoustic foam or egg boxes. To stop sound you need alot of mass and an air tight seal. Preferably mass then air then mass with alot of absorbing material like rigid fibreglass.

To stop the sound going through the floorboards I'd have to put loft insulation fibreglass in under the floorboards, caulk up the gaps, put down some wood panels, cover them with underlay, put down some carpet and then build a drum riser filled with fibreglass and covered with carpet - even that would only work a litle. Since I've already spent well over two grand so far I have no budget left for that kind of treatment. :(

What I need is a rich benefactor to invest in a studio building somewhere.

fp 10-09-2004 23:21:10

When I win the lottery I'll give you a call. :D

protein 10-09-2004 23:23:53


The plan is to get somewhere big enough so that the live room can double up as a rehearsal room. If I'm not making 200 a day from recording bands, I can make 100 a day from hiring it out to bands.

It would be a nice little earner for whoever wants to go in on it with me.

BigGameHunter 10-09-2004 23:49:27

My friends here have a similar setup. One room for the board (the original Star Wars mixing board!) one for live/rehearsal and a side room with a piano/kit...kind of a "whatever" room. Off of those rooms is the kitchen and a bar, etc.
You should take heart--this space was a nearly condemned old apartment that they lovingly and relatively cheaply refurbished.
They're renting it out for $150 a month and it is really nice...if the current landlord (one of their employers) saw it, he'd shit himself with glee over the free upgrade.
If you ever want to get in touch with one of them about cheap solutions, I could probably facilitate. I don't know jack shit about the particulars.
Cord Amato (sp?) is with the band Wow and Flutter...he's the mastermind.

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