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Beta1 13-08-2004 10:46:32

Anyone into this?

Been thinking of giving it a whirl as I like squad/team based games - eg battlefield1942/vietnam. But 1942 is getting old and vietnam has some balance issues (ie flying tanks instead of choppers).

I've heard a lot of complaints about joint ops and it sounds like another chopper/plane fest. As I'm a ground pounder by instinct thats not for me.

So any planetside freaks out there?

Darkstar 13-08-2004 19:57:47

I like planets. They can be a nice place to get out of your ship and walk around. See the stars without having a porthole around them... bit scary though if you on one too long though. You start to feel that you are going to fall up any second...

Beta1 13-08-2004 20:06:24

thanks ds....

just started downloading the game of fileplanet.

18 fucking hour download.

Ok so I saved money by getting the online version (only $9.99 for hte first month and the game free compared to 20 quid + $12 in the shops) but 18 fucking hours???

fileplanet is soooooooo slow

Darkstar 13-08-2004 21:17:09


Anyways... I've heard of the game, but I've don't recall having heard anyone actually talk about it Beta1. So, you are probably the first explorer from the CG galaxy. Don't forget to let us know what you think of it.

:hmm: Didn't Scabby do a SF kick for a bit? "Earth and Beyond" and something else online?

Deacon 13-08-2004 22:30:02

I read about this game a few years back before I cancelled my game magazine subscriptions. I didn't think Sony/Verant/Whoever would actually pull this off. :)

Beta1 14-08-2004 09:57:37

well its been out for a year.

really just looking for a team FPS that isnt full of TKing hacking smacktards. Hopefully as this is subscription based and well admined the number of annoying little twats should be kept low.

Beta1 14-08-2004 18:09:01

and its good,

just looked up and realised I've played for 4 hours

The scale is enourmous. Was involved in a last stand inside a firebase where about 20 of us were finally overwelmed by a group in mechanised power armor. Then stormed a base and took over its gun turrets and defended it against an air attack.

Lots of wow factor

Also lots of where the fuck is everyone factor if your not in a squad and you dont know where the fighting is. And are on foot. And the nearest transport is a long long walk away.

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