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Nav 27-07-2004 21:33:47

D-Day Preview by Beta1
Preview here


MDA 28-07-2004 11:14:25

John Wayne AE in 3, 2, 1...

King_Ghidra 02-08-2004 10:55:40

nice preview, sounds appealing

graphics sure are sexy

Beta1 02-08-2004 11:44:19

yeah it looks nice, question is will it sell when its up against all the other new fully 3d ww2 rts that are out at the moment eg soldiers, blitzkreig, desert rats, blah blah blah.

It will also be interesting how the release version differs from the preview - there were a few bits and peices still to be implemented.

MDA 13-08-2004 18:21:00

That first screenie looks to have a Churchill tank with US markings?

Beta1 13-08-2004 20:08:32

well spotted.

Thats because the flags denote the nationality of the crew not the vehicle. If you dismount the crew from a brit tank and replace them with a US crew - instant US flag on the tank. Same if you repair and recrew an abandoned tank

I had a few tigers driving around with polish flags at one point!

maroule 16-08-2004 06:46:35

good preview beta

to answer an unimportant question, I think we have and we'll ave even more games/movies on WWII because this conflict has moral clarity. Everybody can tell who were the good and the bad ones. It's been harder to call after 45.

Beta1 16-08-2004 09:51:00

nah its all the leather trenchcoats and cool fetish uniforms!


MDA 16-08-2004 11:33:37

Didn't BGH mention he was buying those old uniforms on Ebay?


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