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Funko 23-03-2005 12:45:00

Yes... I pretty much came to the conclusion that 'standard' tactics wouldn't work. Like Blood Bowl I'm not sure Dwarves are really my style though, I like the beautiful game. :D

Probably my ideal team are those immensely gay Wood Elves. They are next to try out.

With the Dark Elves it was a mixed bag of randomly knicking the ball and passing it to someone who'd been left alone and just woken up and running like hell!

Lots of learning to do but enjoying it. :)

Funko 24-03-2005 09:52:41

Started a campaign yesterday as humans, decided to rush into that rather than play more races... probably should have done the former.

Beat one team (undead) then got totally destroyed by a dwarf team... I seem to be having real problems with knockouts and injuries. Hmm. Even got a player killed! Woo! Then lost to some fucking goblins... they had a minotaur though, that was tough.

fp 24-03-2005 18:27:24

I wish my crappy little laptop could run this game. :(

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