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Chris 06-06-2004 16:52:06

Crusader Kings
For those of you who like Paradox games, they have another title that is similar to EU 2 out, "Crusader Kings."

This one begins in 1066, and ends in the 1490s, but, you can take your save from it and use it in EU2! So you can, in effect, play from 1066 right up to Napoleon.

Only played a little of it so far, it was a unique musical score, and seems to have a lot of dynasty stuff, vassels, heirs, plauges, all the stuff that made the Crusades fun.

So far, it is fun, not quite up to Victoria level in fun, but much easier.

Greg W 08-06-2004 12:09:07

The AI sux atm, it's barely worth playing until they release the 1.03 patch. It's ridiculously easy for the player to destroy any large kingdom, as the AI won't control it's vassal's forces. Being made the Papal controller sux, as you'll lose every courtier you have eventually. The crusades seem to never end, unless you conquer the entire world. The Mongols are way overpowered, and can only be defeated via something that borders on a 'sploit (it's more a hole in the game mechanics).

That's just off the top of my head. :D

It has a huge potential to be fun though, and I played it quite a bit when I was sick with the flu. Very fun, just the bugs kill it for now.

Chris 08-06-2004 15:50:59

I am finding that stuff out now, it seems that Paradox again relaesed an untested Beta on the gaming public.

This is another that is going to need some serious patching.

Chris 08-06-2004 20:16:27

My sources tell me the new patch will be released this week, and they say the many problems have been addressed Greg. ;)

Qweeg 08-06-2004 21:22:55

I loved the music in EU2, those Spanish womens shrill voices just seemed to fit so well, I actually found myself humming it!

CK though... nah, don't think I will. The medieval Europe thing doesn't appeal so much. I'm more interested in what HoI2 will be about. By now we should all be used to Paradox's approach to games development, seems to have it's merits in terms of user's having alot of imput... if you want to be part of that process, buy outta the box, overwise it's best to just wait till patch x when people start really raving about it on the forums I think.

Chris 08-06-2004 22:10:48

I doubt you would go for CK Qweegy, not really your bag I think.

HoI2 is still at least a year off though, who knows what it will bring.

There might be another Viccy patch soon, a lot of complaints about how you can't do squat with the minor powers.

I'm also working on a Brit Design called "Spartan," which is sort of like Civ set in Greece, but you get cool 3D battles, troop types and formations. It was really cool watcking my Hoplites run into a bunch of Acheans and slaughter like crazy, then chase down the defeated fools!

Greg W 09-06-2004 11:45:29


Originally posted by Chris
My sources tell me the new patch will be released this week, and they say the many problems have been addressed Greg. ;)
Oh yeah, I have been following the bug and related forums a bit. Would like to know what your "sources" are tho - you know a beta tester or sumfin? :p

Chris 09-06-2004 20:17:42

I can neither confirm or deny that, but he might have a name similar to this guy, byt then, maybe not...

Greg W 10-06-2004 10:44:13

Ah... :cool:

Greg W 12-06-2004 07:09:18

Well, seesm that the A-Team member was right. 1.03 does indeed seem to be out. Will post some more on that after I've had a chance to play it tonight.

Greg W 12-06-2004 13:26:04

Oh well, 1.03 withdrawn. :cry:

Has only crashed once for me in 4 hrs - but then I have been playing on "Above Normal" speed after reading ona post that that helps some.

Chris 13-06-2004 05:01:02

It crashes like crazy, stupid patch.

Dyl Ulenspiegel 13-06-2004 08:54:33

I'll get the game in autumn with patch 1.08 or so. Actually I'm happy it was delayed so much and is still buggy, so I can finish my work without detraction.

Chris 13-06-2004 15:43:41

They pulled the 1.03 patch, and added a 1.03a patch, to cure the CTD.

It may still happen though.

Chris 18-06-2004 15:27:51

Patch 1.03B cured the CTD.

You can read my review of the game here:

Greg W 19-06-2004 14:53:18

Yah, tho I haven't had much time to play it recently, 1.03a (and then 1.03b) did seem to help the CTDs a lot.

Chris 19-06-2004 15:08:27

The game still needs work, the Golden Horde are far to powerful to handle.

I saw armies of 30-40,000 men romping about the continent, and all with military tech advantage. There was simply no stoping them.

By 1310, all that was left of Europe was some fractured duchies, and my own Britain, all the rest had fallen, including the Byzantines, who were defeated by the Horde.

Even more laughable, I could maybe raise 40,000 troops total, including vassals, the AI could beat the crap out of them in one battle.

maroule 19-06-2004 18:29:16

it's because the mongols have horse archers, and you don't (they fire volleys before you can even start the fight)
you need to be at 2:1 to stand a chance, or have horse archers yourself

I'm reviewing it now for my strat magazine, will translate it through bable fish and post it here

Greg W 06-10-2004 13:37:50

Well, well, well. Looks like they're listening to their fans, and making the Beta testing of patches open to all. Like they apparently did with EU2. Interesting to see how that develops.

Personally I haven't played the game much at all since the intial 1-2 weeks after I got it, cos it was just too unbalanced. But this does bring me some hope that I can drag it out again soon...

Resource Consumer 15-10-2004 11:44:33

I've got this now - patched to 1.04a. I haven't got that far into it but I have to say that I am rather enjoying it.

Chris 15-10-2004 14:46:37

I haven't played this game since I reviewed it.

Reviewed another middle ages game last week, Knights of Honor.

Was pretty good.

Greg W 05-10-2007 10:34:05

Well, they just released an expansion for CK called Deus Vult. Helps a lot, especially as they have a bridefinder int he game now. :beer:

And the new friend/rival events seem nice too. Barely scratched the surface with it though.

MDA 05-10-2007 11:21:49

the Pope's nukes have infinite range, what the hell?

Greg W 05-10-2007 11:24:11

Well, there have to be some advantages to being Pope, right?

MDA 05-10-2007 14:47:48

all the altar boys you can eat?

Resource Consumer 05-10-2007 17:47:57

or, if you have no teeth, suck

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