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Nav 24-04-2004 12:36:14

Spellforce: Order of Dawn review
Review by Qaj

MDA 27-04-2004 12:22:48

Wow, I won't be buying that!

King_Ghidra 27-04-2004 12:44:46


on the weird CG "school grade" system, a C
There's a "CG 'school grade' system"?

MDA 27-04-2004 14:21:41

:lol: = A
:D = B
:) = C
:mad: = D
:brwncard: = F

zmama 27-04-2004 14:27:00

I like it, MDA! I'll give you an :lol: :D


Aredhran 27-04-2004 14:45:09

Or is it :D :lol: B+ ?

Sir Penguin 27-04-2004 18:24:20

At UVic, a B+ is 75-79%, and an A- is 80-85%. :)


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm 27-04-2004 19:36:46

A B+ would be :D :lol:, wouldn't it?

You did much better with your purchase of X2, MDA. Once I found out how truly crap the ending of Spellforce was I started pining for X2 until LoC got fed up and let me buy it, which I did weekend before last. I must say, for two games from small software houses in Europe that produce games with crappy cut scenes, I like X2 much more. Much more fun. But they suffer from many of the same faults (bad cutscenes, weird voice acting, clucnky interfaces, from what I've heard of X2 it also has a less than spectacular ending...) which makes it all the more strange why I hated one but not the other. Maybe because the main plot is all there is to Spellforce, but not so with X2.

Luckily for me, everywhere else that's reviewed Spellforce has given it flying colors (based mostly on the fact that most reviewers play the first bit and grade it on that) so it's in demand and should bring a decent price at eBay :)

Darkstar 28-04-2004 01:44:31

Your review was well done, Qaj.

Glad you are enjoying X2. ;)

Aredhran 28-04-2004 10:54:38

And a Big Huge 100-0 for SP + Qaj...

Venom 28-04-2004 14:16:50

D+ isn't failure. It's a passing grade, just not a good one.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm 29-04-2004 00:04:08

And a Big Huge F for Qaj for not being able to read. Sheesh.

Venom, D's back home were regarded as "minor fails" while F's (or U's) were reserved for those who were truly abysmal. The rock bottom passing grade you could get was C-, which equated to about 60%-65% scores in a subject.

If the D-class grade is a skin-of-the-teeth pass in the U.S., then the grade for Spellforce would be an F+, or whatever stands for a just-barely-failed grade.

And thanks, DS :)

Darkstar 29-04-2004 02:26:46

F+ then for Spell Force, Qaj. D- is just one answer away from actually failing (but you are still passing).

Venom 29-04-2004 02:32:17

Ah see. 60-65% here is an F. D is 70-79%.

Darkstar 29-04-2004 03:06:43

65% was a D+ in all the school systems (on a 100% scale) I went through.

Nav 29-04-2004 10:26:51


That reminds me of Jack Black in School of Rock. :D

Shining1 29-04-2004 10:48:14

I'd hate to score an F-, personally.

Venom 29-04-2004 12:58:17

I must have gone to some difficult schools then. No wonder I was labeled stupid.

Venom 29-04-2004 13:03:01

Growing up we were on the 6 point scale. 100-94=A, 93-87=B, 86-81=C, 74-80=D, and under 73 was a big old fat F. It wasn't until college I got to have a 10 point scale.

MDA 29-04-2004 14:54:51

I remember that, too. I think they eased it up a bit late in high school.

maroule 29-04-2004 15:20:54

in frogland you're marked out of 20

King_Ghidra 29-04-2004 15:36:05

any system that uses a percentile marking system but uses 73% of it for the bottom mark is moronic

Venom 29-04-2004 16:34:49

Below 50% should be an F because, well, as long as you get more than a majority right you can't have failed. Mathematically speaking of course.

Shining1 30-04-2004 09:45:53

Except in real life, though. I mean, I wouldn't want a surgeon getting 51% of my operation correct, or the mail girl delivering 60% of my mail...

Aredhran 30-04-2004 10:17:51

Or my PC's OS to work without a glitch 51% of the time. ;)

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