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Lazarus and the Gimp 11-04-2004 07:43:22

LWP6 Part 3 submitter's comments
Tell us about your tracks here, bunnies.

Lazarus and the Gimp 13-04-2004 13:19:36

Track 6.

This is "Millennium" by Killing Joke, and it's the lightest and poppiest moment on their downright brutal 1993 album "Pandemonium". We always knew that, despite the fact they kept getting called "Goth", KJ were a heavier beast, and this tracks just proves that if Geordie's guitar was mixed louder they suddenly became a millenarian uber-metal monster.

This track was selected by an act of God. I took it off a home-made compilation and thought I was selecting a Telstar Ponies track. I'm not complaining, because I think it's a great song. However, if I was going to select a Joke track for inclusion it would have been the downright scary "Exorcism" (also from "Panemonium") which I consider to be the most crazed rock track ever recorded- it was recorded in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid and Jaz Coleman appears to spend half the track vomiting ectoplasm into the microphone.

Killing Joke started out in about 1980 sounding like a meaner version of The Cure (though their extraordinary 1980 track "Psyche" proved they were far more driven than any of their contemporaries) and just got heavier and heavier. "Millennium" was a top 20 hit in 1993 and they're still going strong- last year their "Killing Joke" album (guest starring the ubiquitous Dave Grohl spawned another top 30 hit.

So why them, and not any other hard rock band? It's the Arabic influences (a recurring theme- Jaz Coleman's day job is Resident Composer for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and is a real authority on Arabic music) and the millenarian fervour/political bite that's lasted them 24 years and counting. Ask for recommendations if interested.

Funkodrom 13-04-2004 13:30:35

Recommendations please. :D

Lazarus and the Gimp 13-04-2004 13:35:02

The 1980-1989 years are covered by a good "Best of" called "Laugh....I nearly bought one". However I think you'd prefer the later stuff- for albums, go for "Pandemonium" or "Killing Joke" (the 2003 one- the awkward buggers have done two eponymously-titled albums).

Funkodrom 13-04-2004 13:38:43

Hmmm. I nearly bought that recent Killing Joke in FOPP a few weeks back. I'll have a look, cheers.

JM^3 13-04-2004 14:11:28

for a couple of years I was a big fan of them, even bought their newest CD

but for the last 5 months or so I have not been into anything hard

Jon Miller

JM^3 13-04-2004 14:12:20

(not too long after buying the CD actually...)

Jon Miller

Funkodrom 13-04-2004 14:22:23

So, they put you off heavy music?

King_Ghidra 13-04-2004 14:29:41

I need Eklektikos to tell me who track 2 is.

Debaser said it was a band featuring the guy from faith no more but i forgot what they were called.

Debaser 13-04-2004 14:32:18

Mr Bungle

JM^3 13-04-2004 14:32:44


Originally posted by Funkodrom
So, they put you off heavy music?
I don't think so

not really sure why I haven't been into heavy music recently

Jon Miller

Funkodrom 13-04-2004 14:35:03


Originally posted by King_Ghidra
I need Eklektikos to tell me who track 2 is.

Debaser said it was a band featuring the guy from faith no more but i forgot what they were called.

You didn't read my review then. :cry:

King_Ghidra 13-04-2004 14:46:34

:lol: oops!

your responses were too long, i filtered that one out.

protein 13-04-2004 16:00:20

Kool & the Gang - Jungle Boogie

I put this on because it was the only song I could find that I liked from the year that my James Bond track came out - 1974.

I completely forgot that it was on Pulp Fiction. I just dig it man. Yeah baby.

Lazarus and the Gimp 13-04-2004 20:05:20

Why the hell has my brain fused Kool and the Gang with K C and the Sunshine Band?

Scabrous Birdseed 13-04-2004 20:13:22

Their biggest commercial successes overlap, so that when Kool & The Gang stopped being big sellers in 1974 KC & The Sunshine Band were just rising to fame, and when Kool came back to major chart success in 1979 KC were petering out.

Scabrous Birdseed 13-04-2004 20:29:46

Either that or it could be the fact that they've goth got long names starting with K with ampersands in them.


Gramercy Riffs 14-04-2004 22:02:05

Mongoloid - Devo (Track 1)

I probably know as much about Devo as the next person (basically Whip It and it's excellent video that used to be on MTV everyday). The bass line and the synths are great as well as the mantra-like chorus. Lyrically, I guess it's a little crass yet quite endearing too ("Happier than you and me" & "Nobody even cared"). Had to laugh at the review from Eklektikos about singing it at work, because I've done the same. Thankfully I don't work for an Equal Opportunities Employer, so it went unnoticed.

Mr. Bas 16-04-2004 13:13:01

I submitted track 3, which was Pink turns to blue by Husker Du.

The only reason for picking this particular song was just that it made a nice link to my other track, Sonic Youth with Eric's Trip. The link is that they're thematically quite similar; both are about drugs, but Eric's Trip focussing on the upside and Pink Turns To Blue, being about a girlfriend OD'ing, talking about the bad side.

If there was no pairing necessary, I still would've submitted something by Husker Du, who are definitely one of my favourite bands of all time. Especially what I (and many others) consider their masterpiece, Zen Arcade, is brilliant from start to finish, and I could have practically submitted any track of that album. Their other albums, as far as I know, are good to excellent as well, though none of them seem to be as consistently stunning as this. I cannot recommend Zen Arcade too highly.

For you LWP old-timers, this is actually the second time I've contributed a Husker Du track. Back on LWP4, the second cd contained a 30-second hardcore trasher (track 11 or 12 IIRC), and although that was a fun track, it did not really give a good idea about what Husker Du is like at their best. This track does a better job I suppose.

Mr. Bas 16-04-2004 13:19:07

Although I'm not familiar at all with Killing Joke, what I heard about them usually made them sound like something I'd like. But after relistening Millennium I still think it's shit.

Lazarus and the Gimp 16-04-2004 16:03:52

"Millennium" is not a typical KJ track. It's the most conventionally "metal" track by them that I've heard.

Funkodrom 19-04-2004 09:36:58

Well I'm listening to the most recent Killing Joke album now. It's good. Reminds me a little of the heavier Shihad tracks. I wonder if it's a Kiwi thing.

Eklektikos 19-04-2004 11:05:18

I'm pretty sure they're English rather than Kiwi. Certainly didn't notice any trace of a NZ accent at their gig last year, anyway.

Funkodrom 19-04-2004 11:10:03

Yeah, but AFAIK Jaz Coleman has been living in New Zealand for a while at least whilst writing his classical stuff. I think he got someone to sing the Kiwi anthem in Maori at an England NZ game while back...

Lazarus and the Gimp 19-04-2004 16:18:12

Funko's right. They're British, but Jaz is a long-term NZ resident.

Funkodrom 19-04-2004 16:24:38

Now that I have the album I've remembered what I read about them (and by them I mean him) in Kerrang when the last album came out.

Mr. Bas 28-04-2004 13:17:07

That's 4 out of 8 comments. Where are the other four, you lazy cunts?

JM^3 19-05-2004 15:31:14

I made no effort to try and guess who submitted what


The mongloid song, I find this one to be pretty fun. I like the opening beat and rythym. I have actually heard this one before I beleive. Don't really like the high pictch noise that ran through it about halfway though.


This song is fairly interesting. I think it is cool and interesting, but probably would never buy it. It seems to refer back to many previous types of music or song.


I liked this song, but it did seem heavy on the distortion. I liked the melody in the voice.


Pretty sure that I have heard this one also. Not really my sort of song, but could be fun on occasion maybe with others (not something that I would want to listen to by myself). Found it a little repetitive.


I picked this song. It is steak for chicken by moldy peaches. I like the voice and the guitar is nice as well. I like how the the lyrics interweave and mix, it is great.


Decent harder song. For some reason I have not been into harder songs as much recently so I didn't really dig this one. I really liked the rising part quit a bit though.


This sounds a lot like one of the songs from the first one. Nice voice, but not really my style. Doesn't grab me.

Jon Miller

Eklektikos 19-05-2004 15:53:41

My track (#2) was The Air-conditioned Nightmare by Mr Bungle.
This was the first song of theirs that I ever heard and it made a huge impression on me at the time, prompting me to buy the album as soon as it was released, then the other two which subsequently dramatically altered my expectations of the music I listen to and opened my mind to a wider range of sounds than ever before.
So obviously this song represents something of an epiphany for me. Big deal. Why did I choose to include it on LWP6? Because - despite its manic chop-change dynamic - it's catchy as measles, one hell of a fun song and I figured at least some of you would really, really like it.

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