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Nav 01-02-2004 12:53:53

X2: The Threat - European release on Friday
This is one sexy looking 'Elite' style game. The rolling demo (and benchmarking tool) has been out for a while now and can test the limits of any card. have it for the bargain price of 17.99!

Scabrous Birdseed 01-02-2004 13:24:51

Is this based on the second X-Men movie?

DaShi 01-02-2004 14:51:45

Apparently, it contains counterrevolutionary propaganda.

MDA 01-02-2004 19:27:33

Blocked by Mao.

Looks very cool - I can't find whether its played online or off, so I'm guessing off.

Something else I may buy and put in the "to play" pile.

Nav 01-02-2004 20:33:53

It's definately single player. I don't think there's a multiplayer mode. I could be wrong though.

btw it was released in the states waaay back in late Nov/early Dec. Early I think.

Scabrous Birdseed 01-02-2004 20:42:37

So why are there no Elite-style MMORPGs? It'd make sense!

Beta1 01-02-2004 21:19:17

Theres one called Eve online.

Looking forward to X2, loved X:gold but there were a few annoying bits that it sounds like theyve fixed this time round.

Beta1 02-02-2004 09:55:27

woooo looks very nice.

Nav 02-02-2004 12:14:26

very favourable review on pczone

also got my copy of PCZone through the post with a demo, will check it out later.

Shining1 03-02-2004 00:12:23

I saw this in the store yesterday. Is it good?

Nav 03-02-2004 01:21:10

it is. needs a powerful computer and probably a joystick for the flight control.

It has a neat feature called 'multiple monitors' that allow you to track yours and other craft, you can even remotely control your own ships.

One one of the demo missions you control a frigate sized ship and have to destroy all the ships coming at you. You set all your turrets to auto-fire at any enemy, then control your small fighter on remote. Very cool, if slooooow with 6 different monitors running at the same time :)

MDA 03-02-2004 02:50:20

I got a whopping 26 fps on my laptop at 800x600x32 with the bumpmaps, AA, and shadows all off (Mobility M6, p4 1.7ghz, 256ram, XP). Its still a pretty thing.

Beta1 03-02-2004 09:38:14

ran super smooth on my AMD2.5ghz, 512 ram, GF4200Ti :)

DaShi 03-02-2004 09:49:38

Is it like Freelancer? I just couldn't get into that game.

Greg W 03-02-2004 10:45:34


Originally posted by MDA
I got a whopping 26 fps on my laptop at 800x600x32 with the bumpmaps, AA, and shadows all off (Mobility M6, p4 1.7ghz, 256ram, XP). Its still a pretty thing.
You're running WinXP on 256M RAM? :eek:

I'm surprised you got above 1 fps with that little RAM.

I have a copy of this, but haven't found the time to install it yet, let alone play it.

Nav 03-02-2004 11:25:01


Originally posted by DaShi
Is it like Freelancer? I just couldn't get into that game.
If you couldn't get into that, I doubt you'll like X2, it's much more of a hardcode space-trading sim.

MDA 04-02-2004 18:09:29


Originally posted by Greg W
You're running WinXP on 256M RAM? :eek:

Haven't had any problems - other than Word taking up to a full minute to close, which irritates me. No sure whether that's a memory problem or not.

Stuff opens and works just fine. I routinely have Corelphotopaint, Adobe Acrobat, Word, and Refrence Manager all open at the same time. No problems till I close Word, Acrobat is a little slow to open and close, but nothing drastic.

DaShi 04-02-2004 20:14:03


Originally posted by Nav
If you couldn't get into that, I doubt you'll like X2, it's much more of a hardcode space-trading sim.
Thanks. I probably won't get it then unless I can find it at a Chinese 'discount' store.

Nav 07-02-2004 20:09:26

I've been playing this today with my new joystick I bought especially. (Cyborg Evo).

Very cool, though it runs like a bit of a dog on my old pc (even at 800x600).

MDA 08-02-2004 00:02:54

Familiar company logo.

Nav 08-02-2004 10:07:49

yes it's my new space division, currently dealing mainly in beef and batteries. :)

currently trying to make enough money so I can afford a couple of satelites, so I can go off wondering and still direct my transport ship from afar.

Greg W 09-02-2004 07:30:52

Man that flight model takes some getting used to. Just playing round with the tutorial missions, and hitting anything with a laser is not as easy as I'd expect. I mean I played Freelancer through and could shoot things easily, but this game makes it danged hard through it's flight model. :bash:

Oh well, practice makes perfect so they say. Just not all that sure that I'll be able to put up with the flight model (realistic or otherwise) to get far enough that I'll be at least a reasonable shot.

Nav 09-02-2004 12:30:29

just launch a fighter drone and let it do it for you.

are you using a joystick? Freelancer was great with a mouse but X2 isn't.

Beta1 09-02-2004 14:17:36

I've avoided combat totally so far - if someone comes after me I head straight to the nearest station or call in a navy patrol!

Am making nice money on the same "beef and batteries" tactic. Only have 40K at the moment but have seriously upgraded both my Discovery and the Mercury with software upgrades. Can do a lot of stuff by themselves now.

Have found having one of them haul BoGas from Atreus' Clouds to the terracorp wheat farm (I think) across about 5 jumos can make a massive profit - buying at around 50->70 and selling at over 200 if lucky.

Am still on the upgrade path but will think about saving up for a factory soon. I want a couple of 5MW sheilds for the mercury and duplex scanners on both ships first though.

Is it going to be more profitable in the long run to buy a second TS for me to fly while the upgraded one trades on its own or to save the 60K the TS would cost and keep saving for a factory.

I can make frequently make 10K+ profit runs at the moment so 150-200K for a station is not that hard to do.

King_Ghidra 09-02-2004 16:09:00

after seeing some reviews i was seriously tempted to get this.

although having seen some shots of Eve Online recently, which appears to be the massively mutiplayer equivalent of x-2/elite, then i'm wondering whether to give that a go instead...

Greg W 09-02-2004 19:12:59

Yeah, using a joystick. Missiles seem to work well. Almost too well in fact. I can see where that might get expensive in the long run however (not sure if you can salvage them or not).

Dunno if the idea of a fighter drone works for me or not. I like playing bounty hunter, and I like shooting ships. Oh well, just need to see if practice improves things. Be nice if you could tweak joystick sensitivity at the least...

Nav 09-02-2004 19:34:11

I've been playing this almost non-stop since I got it.

buying sillicon cheap and selling to crystal fabs in need can make you a fortune, but obviously the dynamic economy means this doesnt happen very often!

I purchased a Solar plant thinking it didnt use any primary resources, but it does (unlike the AI's!), But still making a steady profit, recently purchased a second Mercury craft. Saving up now for a better personal ship (M4 class).

Only thing is I can't seem to be able to get any data on the different ships apart from the text that is read out?? any idea if this is possible (ie like the info in the manual).

The story is shite. The voice acting is terrible, and the '3d fmv' bits look a bit cack. :) The manual is next to useless as well.

MDA 09-02-2004 20:18:27

Does the story really matter, though? Are you forced to advance it, or can you just trade away and ignore it?

Beta1 10-02-2004 10:07:01

Seem to be following the same path as Nav - found the silicon wafer routes last night. You can often buy them at below 300 and sell at above 600.

The AI solar plants do require crystals I think.

Have just deployed my first facility, found a yield 56 asteroid in the ore belt and have whacked a silcon mine on it. The dam thing eats energy cells and although I have a second mercury I havnt figured out how to make it automatically supply the factory yet.

makes a tidy profit. If I feed it 4 cargo loads of energy cells (normally costs around 28,000 credits) I get a hold full of silicon back which I can sell for around 72,000. It cost 180,000 so it should make its money back soon(ish).

I'm planning on building the full energy cycle in the ore belt (silicon mine, crystal fab, solar plant, and whatever the food producer is that you need to keep the fab running) although thats a seriously long way off at the moment.

Still a few more runs from the silicon plant and I'll have enough for another installation.

Nav 10-02-2004 12:01:18

Interesting, how far have you played throgh the story? the kaahk are very active in the ore belt for me. Just scouting it out once got me killed. :)

I currently own 2 mercuries and 1 argon Express, they are almost all fully upgraded and incredibly busy just working for one SPP (Solar Power Plant). the express is excellent for delivering S containers as it's top speed is 215 with a capacity of 715.

Player SPPs do require Crystals however AI ones only require it as a Secondary resource. Some fix in the game to allow more energy creation I guess.

If you want to get goods automatically you have to purchase Trade thingy MkI (from the third base down in the Argon Prime list). MkII allows you to automatically sell your products.

btw I worked out how to get more information before purchasing a ship. Press 'I' for the information screen.

Beta1 10-02-2004 12:59:47

hmm. I have the trade 1&2 upgrades on all my ships (2 mercuries and a disco). I thought about getting an Express instead of the second merc but figured as I wasnt going to drive the thing a mid-upgraded merc would be OK and probably cheaper (and it can hold a lot more including the larger silicon product).

I know SPPs are very profitable - they just seem incredibly expensive as a first station. I would find it impossible not to spend the money before I saved enough. At least my 180K is earning money now rather than burning though my pocket.

I deliberately havnt done mission 3 yet. Dont want the kaank interfering until I am in a rather stronger position. I do have a mammoth class TL as a baby sitter to my mine though - if you hire one then tell it to cut engines it will stay there indefinately for free. Nice having all those turrets close by when theres pirates around.

I worked out that my mine makes something like 30K per hour profit so in 6 hours it will pay for itself. Once I have the second merc working properly it should be self running bar the occasional trip there to empty its accumulated silicon. I have my disco out laying navsats in each of the sectors near orebelt that have a silicon requiring factory, that way I can make sure I offload my silicon at >600creds.

I've pretty much given up on the argnu beef runs - unless theres a very short hop one. The profit just isnt big enough when you could be doing silicon instead.

I still havnt got into combat yet. Even with twin gamma IREs the disco just doesnt have enough punch. I might try sticking the full 3x1MW sheilds in it and seeing if that makes it doable when combined with a swarm of fighter drones. Capturing one of those pirate transports should bring in some cash as the ship alone would probably fetch upwards of 50K and apprently you sometime get one with some nice upgrades you can strip.

Another thing I've considered is going mining in a ship - I already have the mineral scanner so I could kit out one of my mercs for under 100K...

Nav 10-02-2004 14:42:00

I might be wrong, but I'm not sure that you can fit a mobile drilling unit in a Merc. Check out the size requirements in the dock.

btw I found this economy guide which is very interesting
also a factory building gude.

I'm currently transporting my silicon mine to Three Rings. ;)

Nav 10-02-2004 20:46:23

Right, I've expanded and started a silicon mine in Three Worlds (not Rings!). I also bought another Express, and deposited 60,000 in its bank account to cover material costs.

As I've been pumping tonnes of energy cells into the game for a while now it's quite hard to find lots of cheap sources of them. So I wanted to get them for cost at my own SPP (ie for approx 12c), however it's not possible by default to set a high sell price and have your own ships buy for another price.

However I found this link to a modification of the BuyWare script here (which also has loads of useful information). This allows you to control the number of trips (-1 for infinite) and the price to pay if it's a station you own. Really useful.

btw You need to enable the in-game editor to follow the instructions for that mod. While in space (and with no menus open) type 'Thereshallbewings' (case-sensitive) to enable the in-game script editor. Then S -> C -> S to access.

Scabrous Birdseed 10-02-2004 21:01:10

"Mod"? Is that analogous to brian's "Feature"?

Nav 10-02-2004 23:25:07

Just made a nice profit of 95000 on my first batch of Silicon.

Mmmm what shall I do with my 300g's in the bank.. What! a battlecruiser costs 21mill arrrgh. :)

Beta1 11-02-2004 09:38:39

Took your advice about avoiding ore belt - went back to a save game just before bought it and instead deployed a SPP into herods nebula. Now have that, my Disco, 2 mercs and 3 express all set to serve the spp - its making a very nice profit. Have gone exploring and mapped a fair bit of boron territory and the first few teladi sectors.

Have left the game running at home so expect to return to a couple of million credits. I suppose I could have left it on SETA but that would seem like cheating.

Am looking to buy a silicon mine next for the same sector (theres a yield 26 roid there which is OK). I should be able to transfer an express to the mine to supply its energy needs. Then a corvette for sector defence I think :)

Beta1 11-02-2004 10:12:11

now thats a neat trick - pre hiring TLs and having them docked to shipyards so when you want another factory you can just buy it without having to actually go there and find a TL to hire. And of course unless they cross a jump gate its free!

Having read about the crystal fab subsidy I think a crystal fab in red light will be my next buy.

Nav 11-02-2004 11:11:00

I'm thinking about doing that too. btw you want a Boron Manta it's an upgraded Express that can carry XL cargo and go twice as fast as a Merc. You can buy it in Kingdoms end for about 150g's

Beta1 11-02-2004 12:47:57

woooo sounds nice.

Dont think I've been to kingdoms end yet have to check it out tonight. If the manta is as good as it sounds I'll drop a navsat in there and use that shipyard instead of the one in argon prime.

Hopefully the SPP will have made me around a million creds by then. Or more likely it will have managed to over produce so many energy cells the whole area will be saturated. Still by the time I left this morning it seemd to have made around 150K without any attention.

I might but the fab in herons nebula though. See if I can sell to the trading station for a large amount then buy it back for less. Also theres at least 1 26 yield silicon roid there so if I can find a decent supply of cahoona within 1 jump theres the potential to make a lot of money.

Nav 11-02-2004 16:24:30

I decided to put a Wheat Farm in The Hole instead of buying a Crystal Fab (I thought the supply chain management would be a headache without owning any of the pre-requisits).

I've set it to sell at max price, which fingers crossed, should work and earn me a nice tidy packet.

I've got a Merc each supplying Power Cells at cost(ish) to my Silicon Mine and Wheat Farm. I've got two Express hawking extra Power cells at Extortionate prices. I'm using my Mantra as a spare transport for stations in need etc.

Maybe I'll save up for a better personal ship now...

... and I really ought to be doing some work... :nervous:

Beta1 11-02-2004 16:52:01

Theres so many bloody choices.

I'm hoping that when I get home my SPP will have earned over a million credits (it seemd to be doing about 100,000 per hour)

Thats :
another pair of SPPs with several freighters each,
A crystal fab+freighters,
Wheat farm+stuff?
Several mine type factories,
A mining ship fully outfitted,
Definately enough for an M4 fighter,
Maybe just about an M3 if I sell the disco and the fith transport.
A fully outfitted TS with auto-trading software (could be very very profitable)
About 6 fully equipped TS for remote trading (a lot of work but think of the profit)

The mind boggles really.

Of course what will have happened is the SPP will have saturated its market and only made about 200K :)

Aredhran 11-02-2004 17:19:30

Just setup your PC so that you can remote-control it from the office and check things every once in a while ;)

Nav 11-02-2004 17:26:26

Apparantly running it unattended can cause problems, such as your reputation suffering and possibly a save problem (crashing on save).

Just letting you know ;)

remote control would be a good idea. :D (it can run in windowed mode) however I doubt you'd be able to display DirectX stuff through a remote control app.

Beta1 11-02-2004 17:36:02

Isnt that when you run it on SETA for long periods? I think its OK on normal speed.

Nav 11-02-2004 20:29:56

oh ok. know-all :)

Beta1 11-02-2004 22:48:28

My SPP made 1.06million :) Bought a nicely kitted out Maka and a crystal fab

Got the fab up and running. Its a really bastard to get balanced. Seems to be the cahoona that is limiting. Wont run the game overnight as the kaahk have turned up even though I didnt do the next mission. next thing to do is to buy more express/manta types - The SPP seems to need at least 4 to run efectively - 3 selling, 1 buying - otherwise it cant clear the products quickly enough and clogs up. I suppose I could just reduce the selling price and have the AI buy from me but haveint all the sellers set to sell for best seems to make a nice profit. I think the Fab will need around 4 freighters, 1 each for wafers and energy (although with the right script I think I can direct one to take it from my SPP) and 2 for the cahoonas at least until I can find buy the missing resource fabs to make the one in the sector a bit more productive ( i think its held up by a lack of stott spice)

it seems to trick is either to setup a totally self contained production line based on the "free energy" economy or to try and fix the production in a sector so it runs more efficiently (and of course ends up supplying your nice high profit factories!)

Nav 12-02-2004 01:44:11

well yes ideally you want to be able supply all the resources that your crystal fab needs, that's why I avoided building one, and went for the ones in the supply chain first

My Wheat Factory is ticking over nicely, all I have to do is deliver energy to it.

Unfortunately lost one of my mercs to kaahk activity in Three Worlds, temporarily stranding my Silicon mine. I think my placement may have been slightly poor. I've loaded my Mantra with a rear turret gun and four combat drones in the hope that it might get through the blockade. :(

I really need to get a decent ship so I can defend some of my freighters.

This game definately requires a lot of dedication. the bad news is that I might actually have to do some real work soon! ;)

Beta1 12-02-2004 09:41:00

I read the bet way of keeping frieghters alive is to leave them unarmed - that way it attacked they run rather than trying to out shoot their attacker. Fighter drones do help though as they will dump them when attacked and they will distract the attackers.

As for the fab yes its a bugger to get going but once it is going it makes so much cash! + thanks to the subsidy program it makes the SPP work more efficiently. The fab sells to the trading post at something like 1900-2000 and the SPP buys them from the same post at 1600-1700. So not only do I get a nice profit on the crystals its actually better than sending them straight to my SPP. (+ my SPP doesnt have to go out of the sector to keep supplied)

Next will be to find some way to prop up the cahoona bakery in the same sector so the fab doesnt get held up by a lack of food.

Nav 12-02-2004 10:19:36

yeah I think I'll get a crystal fab next, getting crystals is a bit of a hassle!

Beta1 12-02-2004 10:38:28

ARSE!!!! Just found out theres a bug in v1.2 where if you get the "presidents end destroyed" video message before you get to brennan's trimuph then you cant continue the story line!


That means I have to start again (waaaaahhhhhhhhh)

This time I am DEFINATELY going to strip that loaned express of every bit of kit before returning it.

The 300K should at least allow me to get the SPP running again fariyl quickly.

Just when I have past the million in the bank point too.

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