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Greg W 22-01-2004 23:34:31

Gal Civ tips please?
Well, I finally got around to borrowing Gal Civ off a friend of mine. Started up a game on a huge universe (figure it'd give me some time to learn the ropes before the aliens pounded me). So, I explore around a lot, and discover 10 or so yellow planets, building colony ships as I go and settling them ASAP. By the time I get to around 10 settled planets though, when I start settling new planets, they start with very low morale (like 0%), and adding improvements like Entertainment networks seems to raise the morale way too slowly.

Eventually one planet rebelled and joined the independant league (the bastids). I tried raising my social(?) rating, that didn't help much either. I think I'm getting withdrawls cos there's no way to see what's making them unhappy. They're all quality 15+ worlds too FYI.

I did read somewhere that ships in orbit can help keep them from rebelling, but I'd like to find a cheaper way if there is one. Any hints? Heck, even my capital had dropped down to 45% morale or thereabouts, and it has every convenience known to man (that I know at the time, I have discovered ~30 techs).

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

Um, I mean, er... you get the idea... :D

Venom 23-01-2004 01:58:29

Don't suck so bad.

Darkstar 23-01-2004 07:16:36

In short, follow Venom's advice. :D

In long...

Population is your number one moral problem. Too many people = low to 0 pop. In my games, most of my worlds in GalCiv end up building a colony ship, sticking most of the population on it, and launching it into space. I just build a super large stack of these excess wastage of people. Other players "sell" them to the aliens.

To figure out what is the proper levels of taxing, at the start of the game, I set my tax rate equal to what gives my homeworld 100% morale. And leave it there, for most of the game.

That's it. Improve a worlds PQ as much as possible, and ship off vast majority of the game. It sucks from consistancy point of view, but it is how the game is designed.

And remember, in GalCiv, for planets, don't build everything on the shopping list of what's available. Only build what you need. Most worlds will never see the benefits of most items.

Nav 23-01-2004 15:09:51

And build the deathstars, they're cool. :D

Greg W 23-01-2004 15:24:35

Hmm, not sure I like the idea of a game where I have to ship the population off Planet to keep em happy. That sucks, especially as the colony ships would cost you maintenance. :(

Eklektikos 23-01-2004 15:51:30

Funny, I've not had a real problem with morale so far (although I'm only playing on "normal" difficulty on medium maps at the moment). Personally I just try to keep the tax slider set so that I get an average morale level of between 60% & 70% and then boost my spending so that I'm saving only enough to make a relatively small cash profit per turn.

How many colonists are you placing aboard those colony ships? The most I usually go for is 500m, since trying to squeeze a large number of people onto a planet which has not yet had its PQ boosted tends to piss them off. That might be the reason for the low initial morale of your newer planets.

Greg W 24-01-2004 00:43:42

Er, generally I just auto-launch em. That could indeed be the problem. :cute:

Darkstar 27-01-2004 02:38:19

Auto-launch launches 1/4 of the SYSTEM's populations.

You pay ZERO maintenence for colony ships. They are one of the few zero cost ships in the game. The people in the ships "don't count". They are just cargo. No worries.

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