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*End Is Forever* 05-12-2003 07:55:48

Iggy, The Stooges And Jack?
Fresh from recording his first material with the remaining Stooges for decades, Iggy Pop has fuelled speculation that Jack White might fill in - on bass, ironically, on a future Stooges release.

"We came very close, but Jack wanted to do an entire Stooges album, and the Stooges weren't ready for that," Iggy said. "It was one of those things that got a little off balanced and went a little too far, too fast, so it didn't happen."

Full Story (MTV News)

Scabrous Birdseed 05-12-2003 15:40:52

Does this mean Ron Asheton is back on lead guitar?

Debaser 05-12-2003 15:46:16

Yup. I think the original Stooges line-up play on 3 tracks on Iggy Pop's new album, and the full line-up (including Iggy) did an American tour in the summer.

protein 05-12-2003 15:47:33

Jack White? Bass?

* comment withheld for fear of name calling *

zmama 05-12-2003 15:54:15

He might be able to play one of these :D

Eklektikos 08-12-2003 13:43:39

Jack White? Interesting. I'd have thought they'd have been more likely to work with Mike Watt after those "Asheton, Asheton, Mascis & Watt" shows a wee while back.

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