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Debaser 28-10-2003 12:09:53

If you want to be a part of LWP6 reply somewhere in this thread with the phrase "Hell Yeah!".

The rules are simple:
You must pick two song (from any genre and era, and of any length within reason), and the two songs must be linked in some way. The link can be anything you like, but it has to be something that people will be able to understand when it is revealed.

Then send your two songs to me. You can email them to me at debaser at loudmedicine dot net or PM me for my address if you want to post them on a CD.

Badda-bing badda-ba, in a few weeks you'll have two new shiney compilation CDs, and we'll move on to the next part.

Provisional deadline for getting your songs to me is the 30th of November, but this is basically a random date I've just plucked out of nowhere, just say if it's not going to be enough time.

Remember, "Hell Yeah!".

Eklektikos 28-10-2003 12:48:15

Hell. Yeah. !.

King_Ghidra 28-10-2003 12:50:45

Hell Yeah!

BigGameHunter 28-10-2003 17:15:39

Hell yeah!

*sidenote...if Guy, zmama and/or any other US contributors want to send them on a writeable CD, maybe we should co-ordinate like last time? We can either work from east to west or west to east...doesn't matter to me.

Lazarus and the Gimp 28-10-2003 17:24:20

Yup. Incidentally, anyone suggesting that a month and two days isn't enough time will be fed to the dogs.

Sean 28-10-2003 17:58:20

Hell Yeah!

How big can the emailed tracks be?

King_Ghidra@home 28-10-2003 18:08:20

laz didn't say hell yeah, the rebel that he is

i'm not sure what my e-mail inbox limit is, but i think a lot of people have a 5mb limit

protein 28-10-2003 18:38:46


Debaser@work 28-10-2003 18:49:35


Originally posted by Sean
Hell Yeah!

How big can the emailed tracks be?

It's a Loud Medicine account and I check it fairly often so I think it'll be big enough for most tracks. If something does get rejected pm me and I'll have a little clear-out. Alternatively if you could host your track somewhere I'm happy to download it.

Scabrous Birdseed 28-10-2003 18:49:40

'Ell Yah, mon.

Scabrous Birdseed 28-10-2003 18:51:57


Originally posted by Debaser@work
It's a Loud Medicine account and I ckeck it fairly often so I think it'll be big enough for most tracks. If something does get rejected pm me and I'll have a little clear-out. Alternatively if you could host your track somewhere Im happy to download it.
Even if it's a sound file? Or one of those monkeydonkeydiddlydoo lossless files? 'Cause I'm always on during the daytime, I could set up an FTP server at home.

Debaser@work 28-10-2003 19:00:13

How big are files likely to be? I don't think I've ever submitted a song that's been bigger than about 5 or 6meg.

Scabrous Birdseed 28-10-2003 19:13:48

5-6 mb is about 40 seconds of uncompressed music, isn't it?

We're talking lossless here. Even half-compressed as per the suggestion by Sean that's about, er, 15 megs for my shorter tracks and 25 for the longer one.

Forget it, I'll just post them to you.

Debaser@work 28-10-2003 19:16:38

Upload them somewhere. It's far easier.

Scabrous Birdseed 28-10-2003 19:19:09

There are no free webspaces over 20 megs anyway. It's FTP Server@Home or Mail or possibly BitTorrent which I thoink Sean also suggested.

Sean 28-10-2003 19:23:29

BitTorrent was more of an idea for distribution, because we could all download off each other.

Debaser@work 28-10-2003 19:32:58


Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
There are no free webspaces over 20 megs anyway.

Sean 28-10-2003 19:35:06

How much do they give you?

Debaser@work 28-10-2003 19:40:37

The clue is in the Url I think, I've not properly checked.

zmama 28-10-2003 19:56:59

No ftp with that... :(

Immortal Wombat 28-10-2003 20:42:02 gives you 250 (:rolleyes: ) if they still accept new accounts. And 0catch I believe has the same limit. Both with ftp

Immortal Wombat 28-10-2003 20:43:40

er also, I can't this time, Laz'll be happy to hear. Probably wont be around for the reviewing stages.

Lazarus and the Gimp 28-10-2003 20:51:52

Why would I be happy? I liked every track you put on LWP3.

*End Is Forever* 29-10-2003 13:04:45

Hell yeah.

Lazarus and the Gimp 29-10-2003 17:23:12

Are you going to lose the CD's this time?

*End Is Forever* 29-10-2003 17:51:03

Own goal.

Immortal Wombat 29-10-2003 17:54:51


Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
Why would I be happy? I liked every track you put on LWP3.
Yeah, I got the feeling your response to the Rhapsody track was a bit less positive.

Lazarus and the Gimp 29-10-2003 17:59:37


Originally posted by *End Is Forever*
Own goal.
No. Serious question.

*End Is Forever* 29-10-2003 18:12:38

No, I will not.

Lazarus and the Gimp 29-10-2003 18:21:41


JM^3 29-10-2003 22:00:56

hell yah

but I want to get (and give) everything electronically

Jon Miller

Debaser 30-10-2003 14:49:10

Sorry, you don't have that option.

Feel free to email your tracks to me, or upload them somewhere and send me a Url if you prefer. In return you will get either 1 Mp3 CD or 2 ordinary audio CDs by post. *shrugs*

Lazarus and the Gimp 30-10-2003 18:53:50

Jon- send your address. We promise we won't rape you.

Stefu X 31-10-2003 14:31:45

Hell, no! We won't go!

I mean hell yeah.

Lazarus and the Gimp 31-10-2003 17:33:22

We'll rape Stefu instead.

Stefu X 02-11-2003 14:34:13

*fap fap fap fap fap*

Mr. Bas 03-11-2003 15:17:26

Hell yeah.

*End Is Forever* 03-11-2003 15:19:04


Funkodrom 03-11-2003 15:24:25

Can someone get me a copy of the CD? I don't really want to submit tracks or review this time though.

King_Ghidra 03-11-2003 16:41:04

yep, np

btw how was the gig last night?

Funkodrom 03-11-2003 16:52:51

Good(ish), we won the heat anyway. Well... it was a tie with another band, so we both go through. Apparently we got the judges vote by 100 points but they won on the fans vote which counted 25% of the points. They had loads of fans there. When they announced the winners we got a tiny clap and they got a huge cheer. Pretty funny.

MG and Morag were there and Chuckle and his gf came down from Bristol which was a nice surprise.

King_Ghidra 03-11-2003 16:54:43

cool! :beer:

sounds like you won a moral victory to me

Funkodrom 03-11-2003 17:04:05

Yeah. It's weird none of us really agree with the whole battle of the bands thing but we did all think we were the best band. :cute:

Debaser 03-11-2003 18:45:07

Nice one Mikey, I have to admit I'd forgotten all about it.

How come you don't want to be a part of this LWP?

BigGameHunter 03-11-2003 19:21:09

Isn't it obvious? He's way too popular and cool for crap like this now.

Lazarus and the Gimp 03-11-2003 19:51:29

When are we closing the offer?

Scabrous Birdseed 03-11-2003 20:19:08

What's the current headcount?

Deborah, I've tried setting up an FTP server (don't have router password so that's fucked), and tried finding hosting on-line (50 Megs does not allow files larger than 250 k...). I'll just mail them to you, please?

Funkodrom 03-11-2003 20:45:12


Originally posted by Debaser
How come you don't want to be a part of this LWP?
It takes a lot of time, didn't feel I really did the last one justice so a break might make me enjoy the next one more.

BigGameHunter 03-11-2003 21:36:52

Plus he's better than all of us now.

Funkodrom 04-11-2003 09:40:25

Now? I've always been better than you losers.

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